What's it worth

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What's it worth

Postby sliph73 » Sun May 08, 2005 4:07 pm

I have this old bottle of seagram's 6 year blend of whisky it was blttled in 1974. not even opend anyone know what its value is?


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Postby MGillespie » Sun May 08, 2005 10:25 pm

Given that it's a Canadian blend of relatively young age, I would suspect the value may be more in the rarity of the bottle itself than the whisky inside. I think we'd need some more information...

1 - Is the seal still intact with no signs of evaporation?
2 - Are there any details on the label that might indicate something that could add to the value as a collectable?
3 - What size is the bottle, and is it in an unusual shape.?

Not knowing any of these details, my suggestion would be to look on eBay for comparable Seagram's bottles from that period. You might also consider trying an auction yourself for this bottle to let the market determine the value.

Good luck!


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Postby sliph73 » Mon May 09, 2005 8:42 am

well it seems to be a regular bottle to me its a 1 litre bottle.all the lables r intact. the seal isnt even cracked and u can tell its a very full bottlethe ribon around the kneck is tucked under the label or more like sealed. the back of the bottle doesnt have a label on it but the words seagrams v.o. is raised lettering on the back. wish i had a camera to show the pick. well thank you for all the help.


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