Deluxe Decanter: Old Bushmills Bottle. Advice needed!

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Deluxe Decanter: Old Bushmills Bottle. Advice needed!

Postby Scheffler » Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:29 pm

Dear Whiskey Friends,
for a weekend of computer work a friend (Janitor in a retirement facility) gave me a very old Bottle which should be very rare (he got it as a gift from an old women at the work). At least my previous researches hint to it.
Since I’m no expert I don’t exactly know how to handle it now. Where could I sell it best? What do you think of it?

Further Information:
Should be bottled in the 60s and the Label “Alleinauslieferung für WEST-Deutschland” points to a limited Edition only for West-Germany. I have also written to Christine McCafferty (Archive Manager of Diageo) who replied:

Hi Alexander,
Thanks for the message.
I have to tell you that I haven’t seen a Bushmills decanter like this one before.
From the design of the standard Bushmills bottle that appears on the side of the carton and the booklet, I would date this pack from the early 1980s (maybe the late 1970s).
I’m guessing this pack is quite rare as I haven’t seen one before.
Unfortunately, we can’t give out valuations but you could try ( ) and/or ( ) for some advice on this.
If you are ever thinking of parting with this pack, please let me know as it might be of interest to us for out own collection.
Thanks again for sharing this with us.
Best wishes,

Bushmill Archivist Alma Cambell gave me following information so far:

[color=#0000FF]I had a look at the photos and Its my belief this would have been bottled during the 1960’s. I started Bushmills in 1972 in the packaging department.
I clearly remember seeing the brochure, which was in several languages
Some of our old gift cartons had the pictures of the riding scene on them
The Irish Coffee glass with the gold round the edge was being used when I first started but we took the gold off the top edge as it was too expensive at a later date.
We had historical label books with some of the old labels being the same shape as shown in the pictures. (These were sent to Diageo archives department at Menstrie when we became part of them some years ago). There is a person in charge of the Bushmills archives section there, Ill try and get their name for you.
Anor source would be a book called “Spirit of the Age” by the journalist Alf McCreary and there were some pics of some of the old labels in it. I have a copy at home and ill look at it tonight and get back to you tomorrow if I have any more info.

All other pieces of info or advices would also be nice.
I would be very grateful.
Yours sincerely
Alexander Scheffler
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Re: Deluxe Decanter: Old Bushmills Bottle. Advice needed!

Postby bredman » Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:19 am

Scheffler wrote: Where could I sell it best? What do you think of it?[/b]

Hi Scheffler. I assume you're located in Germany? These guys may well be the top auction site on mainland europe and located in Germany.

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