Jack Daniels Barrelhouse 1 - 1999

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Jack Daniels Barrelhouse 1 - 1999

Postby alexbox » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:58 am


a nice guy from the irish whiskey society recommended me this forum to get help. I need the valuation and eventually your opinion on where best to sell this rare unopened bottle of Jack Daniels Barrelhouse 1 from Winter 1999.

The Info i was able to find so far in generally below:

Barrelhouse 1 is one of the oldest warehouses at the distillery. Built as one of the first post-prohibition warehouses, it's seven-story design was found to be the ideal elevation for the aging of Jack Daniel's Whiskey.
This 750ml bottle was filled with 94% proof Jack Daniel's Whiskey and commemorates the heritage of Barrelhouse 1.
This bottle was released in 1994 but then they released about another 200 bottles in 1999 when they found a 'lost barrel'

This is the only info i found for the 1999 bottle i have. Info copied from http://www.maxwellshouse.co.uk/unclejac ... use_1.html in case someone wants to check as well.
There is a forum at this site but they do not accept new members there for some reason so i will try my luck here as i'am sure that in this society could be some active member familar with Jack Daniels, at least i hope so

If it's true that there are only done 200 Bottles in 1999, than it should be indeed a rare bottle with at least a good collectors value i think (hope). Having in mind that some are for sure by now already empty i indeed hope it's a rare one.

Every additionally info is again more than appreciated, especially the value of this unopened original bottle in it's box.

Pics following
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