1946 Seagrams VO, 250z in 40oz bottle

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1946 Seagrams VO, 250z in 40oz bottle

Postby shauna250 » Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:21 am

Hello all,

Recently while re-insulating the basement in our 1950's era house a mysterious bottle came clanging out of the walls, hitting the concrete floor and thankfully did not break! Much to our suprise, it was a tasty looking bottle of whiskey. It is labelled a 1946 Seagram VO Canadian Whiskey stating "distilled, aged & bottled under the supervision of the Canadian gov't". The stranger part...is that on the label itself it says 25oz while its in a 40oz bottle. With our wedding around the bend in 4 months...I'm wondering whether to seek it's worth and invest in a honeymoon or save it for the wedding night.

All suggestions & advice is greatly appreciated.

PS We also found 5 uncirculated $20 bills from 1954. I'm VERY curious what we'll find next!
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