New rare bottle,Hazelwood 110, looking for info.

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New rare bottle,Hazelwood 110, looking for info.

Postby airdrielad » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:03 pm

Hi all,
I work for William Grants Distillers(Glenfiddich,Monkey Shoulder,Hendricks etc).

We have been given a stunning bottle of whisky to celebrate The great Aunt of the grants family, who turned 110 years old this month.She is officially the oldest woman in scotland.

It has been named Hazelwood 110. Only 1600 bottles made,and only presented to Grants employee's.
It comes in a special white box,contains an envelope with 12 black and white pictures of her life,A letter with her life story and full details of the nosing and tasting details.

It is simply stunning. Was wondering what the interest would be for this item from collectors. I sold the bottle when she was 105 years old approx 2 years ago for £600,now on sale for approx £1200.

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Re: New rare bottle,Hazelwood 110, looking for info.

Postby MaltMartyr » Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:34 am

As you know, items cannot be 'offered" for sale, but it seems that their value can be discussed. It really comes down to who knows about the expression and whether there is proof that the expression is legit. There are a few, well. ..

Some Kininvie expressions have been panned, while other expressions praised. I understand that Hazelwood is a significant portion of Monkey Shoulder, but a unique cask can prove extremely tasty. I understand that Kininvie is/was mothballed, but can produce when its needed.

Verifiable limited bottles, not released to the public, obviously appeal to ambitious collectors. Some hobbyists will split it up for drinking purposes, where its nearing $1G. There are likely collectors, who may eventually consider such opportunities if he hears or sees it for sale. However, it may take a while to find someing willing to figure the expression out and pay over $1G. The previous price or something a bit higher may work.

There is so much around that will appreciate in value. Yet, this is an allegedly commemorative bottle that is not for sale to the public. You may want to hold onto it and check out the auction houses in the future, when the public is more aware of it. Any documentation that may help authentic the release is wise to secure and keep with the bottle. (i.e. thank you letter, invitation to event where bottle was gifted, etc.

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Re: New rare bottle,Hazelwood 110, looking for info.

Postby Scottie » Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:12 am


I would be careful if I were you about this.
Would Wm. Grant's be happy to know that you MIGHT offer it for sale?
Is it not the case that Diageo now number their Managers Drams so that they can trace anyone might be tempted to sell them?
Likewise I believe Highland Park were unhappy at the One in a Million Bottles being sold on.
Maybe not a problem but I would be wary.

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Re: New rare bottle,Hazelwood 110, looking for info.

Postby airdrielad » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:53 pm

Thanks to all replies so far,some answers to questions,,,

Have full verification letter and paperwork with the bottle, a few bottles have started to appear on ebay today.The bottle will not be sold to the public,employee's only.

We are allowed to sell our bottles if we want,there is no problem from our employer's william grant.
I am not looking to sell my bottle just now unless i was to recieve a good figure, just seeking information on how to publicise the bottle and discuss the possible value. I have had some interest from Japan and Tiawan.
Thanks for comments so far, more would be helpful and any interest.

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Re: New rare bottle,Hazelwood 110, looking for info.

Postby rob1105 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:55 pm

Dear Andy,

You should visit Mc Tears Auction site and look at some of the Auction history for recent sales of Hazelwood bottles. I recently purchased a Hazelwood 17 year old for 370 pounds and previously purchased a couple of Hazelwood 105s Both in the 300 to 350 pound range. There are a number of retail outlets offering them for sale at over 600 pounds, most have been on offer for a considerable time, years in one case. It would probably be a fairer comparison to the earlier release of the Centennial which was a blend of malts which but still seems to sell at similar levels.


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Re: New rare bottle,Hazelwood 110, looking for info.

Postby corbuso » Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:40 pm

The Hazelwood 110 is unfortunately not as collectible as the 105.
I could not read verify the info, but the 110 might not be a single malt as the 105 was.
You can still find some at auctions selling for between £400 and £600.

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