Estimated worth of 1959 bottle of Very Old Fitzgerald.

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Estimated worth of 1959 bottle of Very Old Fitzgerald.

Postby Kynlyn » Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:19 am

My wife's grandfather recently moved into a nursing home and all of his liquor cabinet came over to my place. One of the bottles caught my attention; it's an unopened 4/5 quart bottle of Very Old Fitzgerald that says it was barreled in 1951 and bottled in 1959. It has the paper wrapper on the lid and the label says "A Collector's Item" and is has a red-velvet bag. No box or anything else.

I'm curious if this has any worth. I Googled' around but didn't find much. I can post pics if it would be helpful.

Thanks for any information anyone can provide!

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