Jefferson Whiskey, distilled by Harry E Wilken 1913

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Jefferson Whiskey, distilled by Harry E Wilken 1913

Postby noslen98626 » Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:50 pm

We have a full case (12 quarts) of Jefferson Whiskey, distilled by Harry E Wilken. Distilled Spring 1913, bottled Fall 1917. The bottles are in a stamped wooden case, inspected Nov 22, 1917. All bottles have seals and stamps. How do I get a value?

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Re: Jefferson Whiskey, distilled by Harry E Wilken 1913

Postby adogranonthepitch » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:16 am


It depends if you want a value to INSURANCE or you are wanting to SELL.

There is a man in Ulster, Ireland trying to sell a case if Jamesons from the 1950's. The age won't make much difference. He is trying to sell it for around 4000USD ( he's selling it in Pound sterling but I converted it on top of my head) and that hasn't sold on eBay for the last month.

They value will unfortunately be in splitting the case. I would send one bottle every 6 months to Bonhams Butterfields in the US and maybe the same to McTears in Glasgow Scotland. Drip feeding the bottles with photos of the provenance etc will aid it's value.

Any questions you can email mr using the Private Message function under my NamE .. A little icon that says PM

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