Karuizawa 1971 V Midleton VR Single Cask

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Karuizawa 1971 V Midleton VR Single Cask

Postby JCSkinner » Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:58 pm

Hi. I can see that the economic downturn has sadly led many people to rationalise their collections. Can I say firstly that I hope that fortunes turn better for everyone as soon as possible.
Okay, here's my problem. I missed out on the Karuizawa 1971 (my birth year) which never came to Ireland. As a result, I haven't had the opportunity to try it, or keep it for my 40th, and it is now unavailable anywhere.
Equally, being in Ireland meant I was able to pick up a couple of bottles of the first ever Midleton Very Rare Single Cask bottling at Christmas.
So, in short, I have a spare Midleton single cask that I would consider trading in exchange or part-exchange for a bottle of the Karuizawa.
Equally, perhaps someone with a spare Karuizawa might simply wish to sell it, rather than trade.
Either way, I'm open to hearing from anyone with a spare bottle of Karuizawa that they'd consider parting with.
Please PM me.

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