Rare Malts Selection for sale (10x)

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Rare Malts Selection for sale (10x)

Postby jobert82 » Sun May 31, 2009 11:02 pm

Hi, I've a couple of rare malts for sale. Prefer selling them all together.

Please pm me if interested with a proposal for the lot of 10 bottles.
Cheers, Jobert ( jobert82@hotmail.com )

Brora 20y 1982/2003 (58.1%, UDRM)
Brora 21y 1977/1998 (56,9% UDRM)
Brora 24y 1977/2001 (56,1% UDRM)
Caol Ila 21y 1977/1999 (61,3% UDRM)
Clynelish 23y 1974/1998 (59,1% UDRM)
Clynelish 24y 1972/1997 (61,3% UDRM)
Glenury Royal 23y 1971/1994 (61,3% UDRM, 75cl)
Mortlach 20y 1978 (62,2% UDRM)
Rosebank 20y 1981/2002 (62,3% UDRM)
St. Magdalene 19y 1979/1997 (63,8% UDRM)

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