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Please Help

Postby kristyn31 » Tue May 19, 2009 11:24 pm

So this might seem crazy! I was given a couple of boxes whiskey that my grandpa had - he passed away in 1959 and my mom has had them in her home for the last 50 years - no one drinks whiskey in my family so it just sat. Everything that I have I believe is early 50's, 40's and 30's?

I am trying to figure if and what I have and if it's valuable or not. I will take pictures of things that people think might be worth something...I have taken notes and am going to try and explain to the best of my ability as to what I have....

Mount Vernon Straight Rye Whiskey - round bottle, sealed with the paper bottle stamp? still intact dates on the bottle are 1937 (assuming made) and 1942 date that it was bottled?

Old overholt Staight Rye Whiskey - I can't see any dates on the bottle but the bottle stamp number is 51-0692873 sealed and un-opened. I am assuming it is roughly same age as Mount Vernon?

John Begg Blended Scotch Whiskey the bottle says that it was made in Scottland. Again I am thinking early 50's or 40's. Sealed and the bottle stamp 36A3075734

Several Bottles of Dewars White Label again from the 50's or 40's

A Bottle of G&W with a date of 1946 on it.

A bottle of Old Forester with dates of 48 and 52 Bottle stamp number 18-6899008

There is Candadian Club whiskey with dates of 1944

I guess as I look at my notes there is not a lot there...Please let me know what I should be looking for and like I said I would take pictures if it will help....I just need to know if some of these items are worth doing anything with...I am not a scotch or whiskey drinker and I just don't want to sell them in a garage sale if they are worth a few bucks.



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Re: Please Help

Postby Jobi » Wed May 20, 2009 12:18 am

First guess would be that they would be worth a few bucks to the right people. If you do not get any bites here, also try They could probably help with putting a price on the Rye and Old Forrester bottles.

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