RE: Need help selling 225-bottle Whisky hoard...

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RE: Need help selling 225-bottle Whisky hoard...

Postby firtho4th » Sun May 10, 2009 9:22 am

Hello, All. Just a quick note between packing bottles, shipping bottles, corresponding about bottles, and sweating over top of said bottles. (lol, But never, ever ON the bottles...)

Sweating ? Yes, because in retrospect, and by way of open apology, I was stupidly optimistic in thinking how fast I would be able to conscientiously pack, and subsequently ship these old bottles worldwide. Despite my contacting a couple of Buyers as soon as I saw that I wasn't going to be able to fulfill that initial, naieve boast of "Shipment 24 hours after receipt of payment..." a few were quite understandably less than thrilled. No cursing, no threats of bodily harm, mostly "No problem", actually, but a few whose voices lost their cheer. And that bothers me a great deal.

Best intentions (punted) aside, this is not the optimum situation to create when one has promised a family friend to help to efficiently liquidate a 225+ bottle collection. Nor a situation easily glossed over with newly-met Buyers who've invested one with both their money and their trust. Most especially when one obsessively/compulsuvely spends a minimum of 30-45 minutes packing each box, amidst one's inescapable, anal-retentive tendency toward 'perfectionism'.

On kind advice from folks alot wiser than me, who've collected drams for decades as compared to my dabbling about for years, I also quite suddenly opined to said Buyers that they should avoid shipping such nice old bottles anywhere near the weekend, tsk tsk, for fear of parcels being parked at length in the indifferent carrier's unairconditioned-cum-superheated warehouses. They gave the concept a nod, but shook their heads at me for so obviously grasping at a handy excuse. More sweat, from a blush of embarrassment as much as anything else.

And so, for all those who've already taken the leap, and for all those still thinking it over (especially with the next bunch of old bottles nearly ready to post), I hereby amend my previous, ill-conceived schedule of events thusly: IF you elect to purchase, it will very probably be 48 hours until I can get your parcel out, a day more if my wife once more reaches the end of her patience with my corresponding with prospective Buyers until dawn. (Literally. Twice in this week. And a bleary-eyed "No joke", to boot.) If you find this revision to be repugnant, a proverbial deal-breaker/non-starter/horseturd-in-the-vanilla-milkshake, I understand completely, and thank you for your candor. Period.

For my sake as much as yours, I also pledge to update lists as often as possible. Mild disappointment all round when new enquiries repeatedly ask after sold bottles.

My most sincere thanks to all the patient Buyers out there who'd already read these sentiments, in one PM or other, long before now. Your patience & composure shall be rewarded. Handsomely, too. And equal thanks to the powers-that-be-behind-the-scenes at WhiskyMag/"Collector's Corner", for having thus far patiently (bemusedly ?) tolerated these amateurish goings-on. I'm informed by many of the veterans hereabouts that this (presumed) charity has not always been the case where such listings are concerned ? If by some chance my posting got 'past' your notice and/or The Kill Switch, and you subsequently find it offensive, my martyr-ish, original offer to immediately cease & desist certainly stands. Truth told, if all involved cannot go away completely satisfied at day's end, I strongly feel that these posting(s) have no place here, in spite of being informed by some degree of altruism.

A sketchy fit, but I don the robes of optimist: If indeed the powers-that-be are composed of Whisky people such as those I've candidly enjoyed corresponding with --- at length --- this past week, folk largely possessed of an even-temperament, a willingness to always see the glass half-full rather than half-empty, and an obvious appreciation of the value of camaradieries that can spring up anywhere & at anytime over a good dram, then I've no worries.

Cheers, All ~~~ Firtho4th

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