The Glenlivet 18, Highland Park 12 + 2 bonus drams

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The Glenlivet 18, Highland Park 12 + 2 bonus drams

Postby jruddy » Tue Sep 25, 2007 3:35 pm

Two duty free bottles. 1L of Whisky for less than the price of 750ml.

Denver Duty Free - The Glenlivet 18yo 1L - $65 USD
Gatwick Duty Free - HP 12yo 1L - £25.99

1st - The Glenlivet 18yo
Nose - Light, Fruity, Sweet
Palate - Sweet, Flowery, Smooth
Finish - Mild, Easy
A very smooth, light and easy drinking dram.

(Puts the 12yo expression to shame)

2nd - HP12
Nose - Subtle Smoke, Malt
Palate - Malt, Smoke, Dry
Finish - Smoke, Long
A very tasty drink.

As for HP, the 18yo expression is smoother yet more complex and seems to pick up more oak flavours

Also - a bonus dram at the hotel bar - MacAllan 18yo.
No notes taken at the time, but it was a wonderful dram. Dry, luxurious, a nose of barley and palate of sweet honey, a fine finish, a very fine whisky.

Bonus Dram #2 at the hotel bar - Johnnie Walker Gold
No notes taken at the time. By memory this was a huge surprise to me. The smoke was unexpected, and I was embraced by a very rich and complete range of flavours and a quote smooth finish. A good whisky, but not one I will be stocking up with.

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Re: The Glenlivet 18, Highland Park 12 + 2 bonus drams

Postby EdipisReks » Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:15 am

nice tasting notes! i agree that HP12 is very tasty. my last bottle lasted 2 days, i need to get more (stupid house guests drinking my whisky, though i do admit to drinking most of it ;)). i'm not a huge Glenlivet fan, mostly drinking it at restaurants, though it is definitely enjoyable!

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