Spey Cast Old Highland Liqueur Scotch Whisky 70 proof, Jas Gordon & Co

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Spey Cast Old Highland Liqueur Scotch Whisky 70 proof, Jas Gordon & Co

Postby lincoln imp » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:22 pm

A classic old sherried blend this one, more on malt that grain.
Bubble gum, black currant, and hints of raspberry, Ribena drink, red wine, is this whisky or a sherried fruit cordial.
Some OBE here and definitely for the better , I just hope it has translated to the palate as I also detect a slight vinegar note but overall a really good nose.
After a few minutes a nice dark cake note comes out

Oh yes, out the top draw, no flaws, perfect weight just lacking a little power, at 46% this would be perfect.
Very creamy, and some peat has emerged mixing with all the fruit that the nose promised. Some slight toffee note emerges and a little digestive biscuit but the creamy fruit and now peat is taking centre stage

Good medium lengthm remaining full on the palate with the fruit and peat lingering

As old blended whisky goes this is out the top draw but be warned there are batch variations and vatting differences with this particular Spey Cast offering, some are light and some are darker, this is for a dark vatting bottle.
Lost a bit of power and at 70 proof you get the feeling more oomph is needed but this has a lovely balance and tastes so good.
I would rather have this than a £3000 Macallan, never be put off by blended whisky, in particular older ones, yes there are many dogs out there but there are some gems, this is a good example.

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