Karuizawa 1967 42 year cask 6246 58.4% TWE 10th Anniversary

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Karuizawa 1967 42 year cask 6246 58.4% TWE 10th Anniversary

Postby lincoln imp » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:22 am

You can smell the wood here and very old cherry of course.
Burnt treacle, balsamic glaze, dark fruit jams, dark plum skins.
Oxo drink, beef but the top layer of meat when cooked and gone slightly crispy.
Something like chocolate orange with plain chocolate.
Whiffs of peat smoke mixed in with dark forest fruits.
A very rich whisky.
Peat is to the fore here mixed in with black currants , black cherry and black coffee, yes its that heavy.
Not as woody as the nose suggested with some raspberry fizz coming through and the peat just grows and keeps exploding on the tongue.
The fruit grows mixing in with the dark meat and the obvious wood.
A multi layered palate
Long, with the dark fruits evident to the end, peat is in the background as is the sherbet fizz
A very nice old Karuizawa

I will try it H2H with the GF 105 40 year.

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