Peated Malt

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Fred Lindgren
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Peated Malt

Postby Fred Lindgren » Sat Nov 09, 2002 4:37 am

Yes it is true! During the 2nd World War in England you could taste superb Scotch Whiskies in Crewe and Cheshire since there was a coal shortage. The whiskies from Campbelton and the lowlands were loaded with peated malt back then. The taste and the industry have completely changed since my dad was over there in 1944. No offense, however, I'm not sure what real Scotch Whisky is supposed to taste like; therefore I've returned to Bourbon made locally; with ice and with locally bottled water.

Fred Lindgren

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Postby Laphroaig » Wed Nov 20, 2002 1:34 pm

I enjoy bourbons as well, however I hope you are taking your ice and bottled water on the side and not making your own low proof shots of bourbon.
To each his own, but adding things to good whisky does interfere with it's rightful characteristics. IMHO

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