scientific testings/tastings

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scientific testings/tastings

Postby doc » Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:02 am

below is a post written for the whisky lovers on our watch forum in New Zealand the whisky forum section is proving incredibly popular on a site frequented by watch enthusiasts it is as follows,
As a result of an incredibly generous donation by Pedro44 the jafas (for non kiwis jafas is a term of endearment used by nz er's who are domociled outside NZ largest city it translates as, Just another F#%$ing Aucklander) had a whisky tasting Monday. commencing one pm
Pete sent up to AKL a generous amount of laphroig triple wood so it formed the centrepiece of an Islay malt afternoon at Pauls house .To get in the mood ,as Glen Miller puts it, we started with a McCallan's distillers edition not Islay granted, but the bottle was a similar shape. Next the triple wood followed by a cask strength Laphroig, then a garden type 10 year old all side by side . General consensus was all nice but bang for your buck the 10 y/o wins hands down. Pauls comment ,one of the last intelligible ones he made incidently, was The triple wood is a laphroig for pussys and though he wouldn't tip it out there were other Islays he preferred.( Again for those not in the know ,Paul is Australian therefor as subtle as a train smash)
That said, next up the Ardbegs. First a corryvrecken alongside a uideagail both fabulous whiskys but consensus again Uideagail hands down , a couple more to get the science right then out with the Lagavulin 16 .Say what you will and all the talk about Laga's standards dropping over the years, to my palate, and to the participants in the tasting, Lagavulin 16 is a prince among whiskys and in my humble opinion is second only to the distillers edition as leader of the Islay pack .The tasting was of reasonably priced readily available whiskys and I am positive there are better tasting drams out there but age reads price so none were included more's the pity . the tasting continued at 4 pm when Harlan arrived late so the process was repeated ....I think cheers all. the doctor

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