Aberlour - a diverse range of flavours

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Aberlour - a diverse range of flavours

Postby Admiral » Wed Apr 14, 2004 1:24 am

(This thread prompted by the Whisky Galore & Aberlour thread)

Has anyone else ever pondered just how varied the range of flavours are in the different Aberlour bottlings?

The Aberlour 10yo tastes so different to the 15yo, which in turn tastes so different to the A'Bunadh, and they all taste different to the NAS cask strength bottling.

I get a similar nose of apples in the 10yo & cask strength, but I'm impressed at how one distillery can display such a varied range of flavours & aromas in its different expressions.

(By comparison, ask yourself if there is such a wide variety in, say, the different age Macallans - i.e. 10, 12, & 18, or the different Glenfarclases, or even the different Glenfiddichs - the NAS Special Reserve, the 12yo Special reserve, the 15yo cask strength, and even - to a degree - the Solera Reserve)

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Postby Lawrence » Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:19 am

The Aberlour range is certainly diverse, IMHO. I tasted a bottle of the 1976 Limited release 21 year old (3000 bottles only) in Scotland at the Craigellachie Hotel last year and it was completely different from the "normal" bottlings. It is made of first fill Bourbon casks without a drop of sherry in sight. I was very very impressed by the smoothness and flavour of this whisky and Tatsuya Minagawa, the head bartender there introduced me to it after my tour of Aberlour that day. During the tour Aberlour showed us the range of Aberlour, from new spirit to the 10, 15, a'bunadh, single cask sherry and single cask bourbon. A condition of entry is that you do not drive away but go for lunch in the village and sober up before leaving!

I agree with Admiral that some distilleries follow the house "style" a little to closely. I have not tasted all of the Aberlour range but enought to know there are vast differences and they are very good whatever the vintage.

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Postby Laphroaig » Wed Apr 14, 2004 4:38 pm

I've tasted several of the expressions named above. I agree that the range is pretty much open. I should first say although I have been fortunate enough to taste a few items in the line, I don't know that much about the product (as far as far as the in depth details). I thought the A'Bunadh was purposely made to taste completely out of the box as far as the line itself goes. :?:

Another thing I wonder. . . Is any of the line chill filtered?

~Good topic!

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Postby Lawrence » Wed Apr 14, 2004 4:47 pm

My understanding is that the a'bunadh is not chill filtered and the 10 year old is, and I suspect the 15 is also.

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