Glendower 8 years old pure malt

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Glendower 8 years old pure malt

Postby Megawatt » Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:40 am

Vatted malt Scotch is a category which has long been under-represented at the LCBO, especially since they dropped the Famous Grouse blended malt range and Johnnie Walker Green Label. So it is encouraging to see the addition of Glendower 8 year old pure malt at the attractive price of $34.95.

There's very little information about this whisky on the Web. The label states that it contains Highland malts. It comes in a tall, elegant, dark green bottle with a synthetic cork stopper and is bottled at 43% alc/vol.

In the glass the colour is light enough to suggest the absence of added colouring. The nose is sweet and nutty with hints of fruit, malt, and toffee. The label mentions a hint of peat but I can't detect it.

In the mouth it has a nice medium body and the sweet notes start off with fruit and nuts (hazelnut?). The flavour is quite light at first but it picks up with some almost sappy malt flavours before becoming pleasantly bittersweet. It dies off farily quickly leaving just a suggestion of smoke.

This whisky is very much to my liking and may just represent on of the best Scotch values at the LCBO right now. I can only hope they keep it around.

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