Inherited Bottles

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Inherited Bottles

Postby AndrewThomas » Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:26 pm

I recently inherited a handful of already opened bottles. A fantastic oppurtunity to try new stuff!

Highland Park 15: Lovely, honey, sweet cherry, but I did not find it shockingly better than the 12.

Macallan 15 (Fine Oak): Amazing nose. When I first put it in the glass I was quite happy but gets a little boring/harsh towards the end. Good, but just not great.

Oban 14: Is it just me, or is this quite dull?

Clynelish 14: Good, steady, salty. I liked quite a bit but was not distinctive. Am I missing something?

Balvenie 15: Incredible, sweet, with bitter undertones. Very complex to my tongue.

Balvenie 10 Founder's Reserve: Powerful, strong, complex. Are bottles of this available??

It's ironic that my favorites were the Balvenie's as I'm generally a Talisker/Lagavulin/Laphroiag drinker. The sweet usually isn't my style.

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Re: Inherited Bottles

Postby Novice Scotch Fan » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:39 am

I don't know how old the Highland Park 15 bottling you have is but the most recent bottling is outstanding.

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