My Laphroaig 18yo notes

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My Laphroaig 18yo notes

Postby jimidrammer » Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:53 pm

Laphroaig 18yo 48% abv

Color: Smoky gold

Nose: Sea air, stony beach, oak pier, tropical fruits(papaya, kiwi, melon rind), iodine, Band-Aids, seaweed, distant ashes, gingerbread/graham crackers

Palate: Sweet, tangy, gentle smoke, fruit(peach, pear, a little pineapple), ginger, chili pepper, glazed pork, lemon zest, dry woodiness, an ashy exhalation

Body: Firm, lively

Finish: Soft relaxing fade of sweet & sour stir-fry vegetables

Notes: Expecting some similarity to the 15yo it replaces, but I'm finding a whole different animal. The extra 5% abv really punches through without being too menacing. The aroma is more akin to the Talisker 18yo, the taste is kind of like the Laphroaig 30yo without the antiqueness. A unique profile which takes elements from the entire range and stitches them together. With a splash of water: a very distinct rubber/burning tennis shoes aroma; taste is a smoky lemon pie flavor.

Score: 94

I was pleasantly surprised by this, a definite step up from the 15yo, which is no slouch. A direct comparison leaves the 15yo feeling a little tired. The 15yo was between $58US-$68US around here and I got this 18 at the high end of that; at that price it shines. Some places are asking ridiculous prices for it. If you liked the 15, you'll get something new here and if you can't get the Talisker 18 anymore this is a nice replacement.

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Re: My Laphroaig 18yo notes

Postby clicker7 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:29 am

Jimi good post.

I love the 15 and still have 2 unopened bottles stashed.

The 18 has arrived up here in the NW and is painfully selling for 84.95....ouch!! I will try some soon though as it sounds delicious!


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Re: My Laphroaig 18yo notes

Postby lexvo » Sat May 08, 2010 6:08 pm

I'm already on my second bottle :)

I bought the first right when it came available in The Netherlands (July 2009). But I waited a while before opening it, because I also had a open bottle of the 15.

In my opinion the 18 is better than the 15, but not much. Both have their qualities. I think the 18 is more rounded, whereas the 15 has more edges.

BTW, the price dropped significant here. I bought the first bottle for 83 euros and the second for 50...

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