Notes for Sheep Dip '90 “Old Hebridean”

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Notes for Sheep Dip '90 “Old Hebridean”

Postby Chef! » Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:53 pm

Notes for Sheep Dip '90 "Old Hebridean" 40% Abv

Salted Plums, Peat, Nice Sherry Sweetness. What struck me was the fact everything harmonized. Not one characteristic drowned-out the other or was overpowering. For this very reason it was hard to break down the complexities of the nose which is why I'm sure I missed a few notes.

Nice medium body and mouth feel. Bitter cocoa nibs and mocha, Orange infused tea. There was also a slight dry char note just after the Cocoa. It did not come off as unpleasant whatsoever and was a welcomed addition to the marriage of chocolate and coffee.

Palate goes to Piperine and then fades.

I went blend crazy this Holiday season. Cousin and Uncle shared their blend-heavy inventory and I brought a few bottles from different locations to share. They didn't much care for what Islay has to offer... More for me!

I really enjoyed the Blue Label (first time) which struck me as very elegantly put together. What I enjoyed most about this vintage Sheep Dip blend is that it seemed to be designed with whisky drinkers in mind first. For me Blue Label was like a luxury sedan with all the bells and very smooth around the edges. The Sheep Dip is a streamlined tuned sports car but with heated leather seats and user friendly navigation. Easily suitable for someone just trying a peated whisky but complex enough for the enthusiast to enjoy and appreciate. From what I've researched it is colored and chill filtered which makes me wonder how well it could have been. Oh well, though... I really wouldn't mind putting away another bottle for later enjoyment and will for sure if I stumble onto another bottle!

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