Some notes on Batch 23

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Some notes on Batch 23

Postby Megawatt » Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:01 am

Of course I speak of Aberlour a'bunadh. I poured this drink a while ago and added a good amount of water. With only a bit of water the nose was very much apple and leather. With extra water it becomes smokier, more oily, almost industrial, but also with good sweetness. Bourbon! Very heavy. After leaving the cap on the glass and then nosing, I get lots of dark chocolate. I mean lots.

The taste: hmm, there is nothing subtle about this at all. Even with 1/3oz of water it prickles on the tongue. Massive buttery delivery with a peanut-brittle essence, and extreme amounts of sherry, to the point where you can start to separate sherry flavour from whisky. That leathery note persists as well.

The whole thing carries on and on with building spice, and then the sherry overtakes all, leaving its own peculiar aftertaste which prevents me from enjoying sherry on its own.

This is a heck of a whisky, I must say. It comes on so strong that I don't get the same impression of complexity that I do with many other malts, but what it does deliver is very enjoyable and the more I drink it the more I think it was worth buying (actually I got it for Christmas anyway).

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