Balvenie Signature Twelve batch #2 notes

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Balvenie Signature Twelve batch #2 notes

Postby jimidrammer » Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:12 am

I missed batch #1 so I can't compare, but here goes...

Name: Balvenie Signature Twelve Batch #2, 43% abv

Color: Copper-amber

Nose: Apples in a bushel basket, green leaves and twigs, hint of roses, light orange zest, candle wax, sugared almonds, tree bark

Palate: Glazed cinnamon rolls (sugar, cinnamon, pecans, and the dough are all there), strong oaky middle, apple cider, black pepper note

Body: A juicy, chewy texture

Gently fades with all components in tact

A greatly balanced Balvenie with the characteristic house style. This is really a significant notch above the Double Wood 12yo and a viable replacement for the Founder's Reserve. Instead of an age statement with a batch # I might've rather seen a vintage of slightly varying ages.

With a splash of water:
floral forward aroma; taste is a caramel custard flan dessert.

Score: 86

A worthy Balvenie at a reasonable price point. Seek this out if you can.

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Re: Balvenie Signature Twelve batch #2 notes

Postby clicker7 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:08 am

Thanks Jimidrammer for the excellent notes on Batch 2. I was wondering when they were going to release the next batch.

I have been working on Batch #1,the last few nights-- A new bottle I bought last year.

From your tasting notes it appears Batch #2 is perhaps a little sweeter, fruiter and overall more pleasant than Batch #1.

My notes on Batch #1:
Nose: Sherry, Fruit, Fresh Air/Grass, Toffee, Sweetness.
Palate: Creamy, Waxy?, Oaky, Drying, Pepper,Citrus, Heat.
Finish: Sweet, Drying, Oaky, Heat.

It's nice, a good dram, and complex, but I am not sure about this "waxiness" I keep tasting? Is this because of the oakiness??

It seems like Batch #2 may be a bit sweeter and rounder.

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Re: Balvenie Signature Twelve batch #2 notes

Postby Drammed » Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:04 pm

Ganga wrote:I wasn't very impressed by Batch 1. Oak was way too dominant and astringent. But otherwise, I agree with the tasting notes for Batch 1. Batch 2 looks far more intriguing.

I agree that Batch #1 was far to "oakey." I am really looking forward to batch #2 as I do enjoy the "house style" of Balvenie and these tasting notes look great.

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Re: Balvenie Signature Twelve batch #2 notes

Postby orangedogofglory » Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:28 pm

Full Balvenie 12 Signature Batch 002 Notes

Just had a sample of this; interesting to compare my notes to those already posted.

The overview:
Nose: What a big nose! Probably one of the few times that phrase can be used as a compliment, but the aromas are strong, with very defined notes of honey, almond, citrus, and cream. There are small amounts of caramel and oak in the background, and overall it is not very "spirity". The nose leaves quite an impression - notably it is exceedingly complex and is very well balanced.

Palate: The palate isn't nearly as dominating as the nose. In fact, the change from the note is pretty significant. The initial taste on the tongue is spice, and it is a bold, strong spice. That transitions somewhat quickly to oak, followed by sherry complete with its drying sensation. The citrus is still there in the background, along with the cream notes, but they are faint in comparison to the spice and sherry.

Finish: The finish takes off right from the palate, beginning with the remnants of spice. Then the sherry takes over, continuing the dryness that leaves the tongue tingly. The sensation isn't really driven by the alcohol, though - the finish isn't overly warm, which is to say the "burn" is less noticeable than what may be expected of a 12 year old whisky.

Splash of Water: Adding a little bit of water brings the spice out in the nose and more of the cream in the palate, which makes the transition from the nose to the palate significantly smoother.

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