Aberlour 18

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Aberlour 18

Postby MoreDalmore » Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:42 pm

I am almost half way trough my first bottle of Aberlour 18 and its about time I share my thougts on it with you :)

I was expecting much as Aberlour 16 double cask matured is my favourite so far. But this misses some of spiceness so far that the 16 deliveries.

When I fist had this ( without a splash of water ) I was not sure if I would like this a lot; I am more into citrus fruits it seems. But adding a dash of water as indicated on the tube it becomes more creamy ( and in this case more enjoyable )

Nose : Soft fruits like bananas ( think creme de banasas smell ), peaches and apricots ( I have apricot jam for breakfast on my knackerbrod these days so I clearly recognize this )

Palate : peaches and apricots again imbedded in some creamy vanilla. 8) Some spiciness in the end.

Finish : some spiciness lingers for a while which is nice.

Overall I am beginning to like it more and more and I think this would go nicely with dessert.

Strange this is I can't find it yet on the Aberlour website which I find strange :o

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Re: Aberlour 18

Postby MrPotatoHead » Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:24 pm

The 18 year old is one of my favourites,

Isn't there two threads on this now :?

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