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Postby Ize » Fri Feb 22, 2002 9:19 am

Hello again,

hopefully, high-end whisky fans are not disturbed by me and my postings here. Since I'm a low-end whisky fan with very limited cash funds, I won't focus to 40 Y.O. whiskys, sorry. ;-)

Redbreast, as all of you probably know, is an Irish Pot Still Whiskey (not all malt) and it is 12 Y.O. By curiosity to this rare type of whisky (or whiskey, in this case?) I decided to order a bottle of it and taste it. Redbreast is the most complex whisky I have tasted so far. Obviously, smoke and peat are conspicuous by their absence, since it's Irish. (Hopefully I built that lovely sentence correctly. Image) but the taste in the beginning, in the middle and in the end are all to different directions. So the taste isn't, let's say, compact or in the harmony but I still liked it.

In the beginning the taste is very fulfilling, almost like sense of taste would have been gone numb. This was bit of scary thing with the first sip, but it eases a lot for next sips. I can't with my short experience of the whisky tasting, describe the taste in the beginning. It is something that must be experienced by person him/herself.

In the middle the taste was somewhat ashy, but still not smoky or peaty and in the end the taste was, what I call, very Irish. Maybe it is because of grains.

Only taste that go on and that harmonize a bit of the taste thoughout are vanilla and honey, but they are hardly notable.

Summa summarum, if I would give 10 points to Lagavulin and 8.5 points to Black Bush, I would give 8.25 to Redbreast. Minuses come from lack of the smoke and peat (which I'm very fond of) and pluses come from very lovely complex taste.

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Postby bartok » Sun Mar 03, 2002 8:44 am

Save your bottle when you finish your scotch, a small amount will condense. cheers

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