Auchentoshan 50yo 1957

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Auchentoshan 50yo 1957

Postby adogranonthepitch » Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:31 am

I was lucky enough to recently try a decent dram of the Auchentoshan OB 50yo from 1957. A very amicable whisky shop owner had a 100ml sample, so we decided to try a dram.

His name shall remain nameless, but the size of dram wasnt small. In fact, it must have been a good 25ml!

So what was it like? I was expecting an oak fest .... I was disspointed!

The barrell must have been knacked as she tasted like a dram in her mid teens (in terms of the WOOD content). The taste it self was the classic tropical fruits but quite interestingly, very peppery.

After taste was friuty pepperness. The whisky shop owner said Green pepper.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Is it worth the money on taste alone? hell no

Is it a pretty bottle to stare at? Oh yeshhhhhh.

Lucky Ba$tard out :smoke:

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