Century Reserve 21 year old Canadian whisky

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Century Reserve 21 year old Canadian whisky

Postby Megawatt » Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:03 am

This product was just re-introduced in Ontario and I'm on my first-ever glass of it. Produced by Highwood Distillers in Alberta, it comes packaged in an elegant square bottle with a cork top, continuing the Highwood tradition of first-rate presentation.

The pale colour and mellow aroma of the whisky attest to the lack of added colours or flavours, another Highwood tradition. Some might find this subtle spirit too mild but it is a step up in intensity over the 15-year-old Century Reserve. The nose is mellow and sweet with warm honey and dried leaves. On the palate it is rich for all its smoothness and the oakiness grips the tongue. Not a lot of flavour development but the oak lingers on nicely.

This whisky presents an excellent value at $39.95 in Ontario, bested only by the now-discontinued Alberta Premium Limited Edition. Highwood whiskies have their own style and are worth checking out, in my opinion.

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