Oban 1969 cask strength

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Oban 1969 cask strength

Postby Browchay » Mon Dec 01, 2003 12:02 pm

Hi I've noticed a fair few bottles of this in my local supermarket. I'm a big fan of Oban but I was wondering if anyone here had had the pleasure of tasting this yet ?

I found some details that describes it as ...

Color: Green-Gold
Nose: Sweet, fruity, complex.
Palate: Floral, heathery and creamy. Some noted lavender with characteristic Oban saltiness.
Finish: Dry and salty (in a good way), slight smokiness

I've seen it for as much as $450 per bottle in the US to as low as £160 in the UK. We have it at our local for €215 so it seems to be fairly priced compared to the others I've seen.

So .. has anyone had the pleasure ? .. should I part with my cash for this ? ... theres only 6000 of them out there !

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Postby SasquatchMan » Fri Dec 12, 2003 2:39 am

:D It's one thing to regret doing something, but to regret NOT having done... well, who could live with it, eh? I haven't had the Oban, but the cask strength stuff I have had has been transcendental. I like the cask-strength Aberlour product, A'Bunadh. Of course, that isn't quite in the same league as what you're talking about.

Ordinarily, the stuff they choose to sell in that format is top notch, and chosen for that reason - it's a display of the distiller's capabilities. My reasoning on the super-premium malts, however, is that I'm liable to receive more pleasure from two bottles (or ten in extreme cases) of "ordinary" whiskey - like Black Bush, or Aberlour, or Highland Park, than the pleasure of one wonder-bottle. Of course, this logic has its natural limits, and I don't try to buy 3 bottles of swill instead of one decent bottle...

That said,if the stuff is calling your name and no one will be hurt by you purchasing it, why wouldn't you try it out?

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Postby Lukas » Fri Dec 19, 2003 2:30 pm

If you mean the 32yo Diageo (official) bottling, I tried it once and wasn't really convinced by it. It's definitely a good whisky but i.m.o. not worth the money. But I know people who really loved it and think that it is the best of these superexpensive Diageo bottlings (if this means something...). It's all a question of personal taste.


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