Mcclelland's Speyside

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Mcclelland's Speyside

Postby Megawatt » Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:49 am

I've read mixed reviews about this whisky, so I decided to try for myself. It's the cheapest single malt available at the LCBO. Produced by a mystery Speyside distiller, bottled by Morrison Bowmore at 5 years old.

A drop of water really benefits this malt. The nose shows citrus (orange). Oily on the palate with distinct bitterness (not the smoothest stuff in the world). Citrus tones prevail with hints of chocolate mint. The finish is surprisingly smoky. This is perhaps the smokiest Speyside malt I've tried.

Altogther a decent dram for the price. Single malt doesn't come cheap where I live, so this presents a nice alternative when a blend just won't cut it.

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