Murray McDavid Ardbeg - the taste of Yay

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Murray McDavid Ardbeg - the taste of Yay

Postby kwellada » Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:04 am

So a few weeks ago in Chicago, I came across an odd bottling of Ardbeg at the Binny's.

Murray McDavid
Distilled in September 1990
Cask Ref MM2998
Bottled August 1999
Cask Type: Bourbon
46% ABV

Like most Ardbegs, this one does not disappoint one bit. It has a soft nose with a touch of the sea that I associate with Ardbegs. The body is slightly sweet and has muted hints of peat. The best part, however, is the long lingering finish that makes you realize you just enjoyed one of the world's finest whiskies from what I consider to be the best distillery around. Fifteen minutes later...and you're still beaming with joy!

It's similar to a 9 Year Old Connessieurs Choice bottling I had recently. It's not quite the bevy of flavors that the 10 year old provides, but very much worth the purchase.

Every drink makes me think "Yay, I'm glad I bought this"

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