Singleton 12 (Dufftown)

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Singleton 12 (Dufftown)

Postby Doug1937 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:57 am

I bought a bottle of this mainly because I'd not heard of it before, and because it wasn't too expensive. I was pleasantly surprised to note that it has a strong flavor of anise, or licorice, reminding me of ouzo, akvavit, or even absinthe. I hadn't expected to find this flavor in a single malt scotch. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I imagining the anise? It's a very pleasant dram, all in all.

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Re: Singleton 12 (Dufftown)

Postby borgom » Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:20 pm

Haven't tried this one myself but am interested in doing so.
Does it taste like an other common single malts you have tried?

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Re: Singleton 12 (Dufftown)

Postby crazyorhythm » Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:36 pm

I liked this Whisky, I had never heard of it before, bought a bottle ,great flavour, just the job.........

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