1960`s/70`s 70 Pproof blends H2H

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lincoln imp
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1960`s/70`s 70 Pproof blends H2H

Postby lincoln imp » Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:19 pm

A 1960`s & 70`s blend tasting first, these are usually a rollercoaster but hopefully entertaining.
And possibly this one but its from the 80`s

Well The Sandy Macnab was the clear winner here, the Long John and Red Label were pretty good too, the Old Smuggler was OK and the Sandeman was not good with the King Of Scots decent enough but too sweet for me.
If you want to get a bottle of Macnab's it will set you back around £130, the Long John and red label are much cheaper options.

Jolly Toper
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Re: 1960`s/70`s 70 Pproof blends H2H

Postby Jolly Toper » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:50 pm

Good stuff. Sandy MacNab would have had a fair chunk of Lochside in it, yum. We had a 70s Old Smuggler which was very good - Bunnahabhain a big part I think. We've 70s Bells and JW to try blind against the current versions, it'll be interesting to see if people report a big difference and to see if older is better or not.

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