Whiskey is art in a bottle

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Whiskey is art in a bottle

Postby Elapid » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:54 am

That is the basic core description of what whiskey is. It took me 35 years of drinking before I learned how to enjoy a dram. I've grown up quite a bit in my life and understand that whiskey can take you places you might not want to go, but if you treat her right she will show you things you never appreciated before and open your eyes and palate to experiences you never took the time to enjoy when you were young and just drinking. I never knew the delicate flavor and subtle hints that lets you understand what the dram is trying to explain. I was first shown this with the disterillies of Bruichladdich Laddie Classic and the Jefferson's Ocean. Both tell you they were aged either close to the ocean or on the ocean. That is when whiskey starting talking talked to me when I was drinking a dram. I have learned so much through my last 20 years that I realize I never knew what I was drinking when I was younger, hell I'm 63 it's about time.

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