Christmas Drams - 13th December 2008

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Re: Christmas Drams - 13th December 2008

Postby Dram fine idea » Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:12 pm

Hi folks, I know this is ridiculously late, but here's my tuppence worth on two festive drams. If anyone would like a sample, please PM me. Cheers!

Old Pulteney, Gordon & MacPhail, Distilled 15/10/1990, Bottled 26/05/2006, 15 years, Cask No 5469, First Fill Sherry Butt, 59.0% abv

Glass - Glencairn
Nose - Sherry, rubber, hints of cough medicine, something dark/offkey and not quite right, but appealing nonetheless
Taste - Without water, even taking into account the high strength, I find this gentle, sweet, fruity, fruit cake, has a big full on intense mouthfeel, oranges, dark chocolate, sherry, touch of spice
Finish - Short to medium, warming in a gentle fashion, continuation of the same flavours, hints of rubber in the context of an excellent dram
Comment - For me, the nose and the medium finish do not take away from a gentle, great tasting whisky. I felt no water was required at all. Honestly, tasted blind, I could not state for a fact this was OP, but it's great whisky all the same, and I think the same comment could be applied to many heavily sherried drams. I found that this was a bottle I would reach for at the end of a good day, pour a dram and think things through, an encouraging sign. Treacle Sponge has also posted notes on this one up above.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Cask 2:35, Glenlivet, Distilled March 1976, Bottled February 2001, 24 years, 61.0% abv

Glass - Glencairn
Nose - Sherry (pronounced and definite), dark chocolate, fruit loaf, rubber, oranges, cinnamon, wood, slightly medicinal
Taste - Sweet, gentle, sherry, touch dry at first, spice, oranges, fruit cake, full on intense mouthfeel, rubbery, oily and then juicy towards the end
Finish - Short to medium with more of the same flavours, and a wee medicinal characteristic (along the lines of Covonia cough medicine) at the end
Comment - Armchair whisky of the highest order. Merry Christmas indeed. A definite rival to OP cask 5469. Every time I try this I find something new, which must be a good thing - till the next time, cheers!

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