A Dram Without A Cigar Is Like...

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A dram without a cigar is like...

a)...a day without sunshine.
b)...a fish without a bicycle.
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A Dram Without A Cigar Is Like...

Postby Deactivated Member » Thu Jan 06, 2005 11:58 pm

I vote b. To each his own, I suppose, but nothing ruins the joy of finding a bar with a great whisky selection like the indelible stench of cigars.

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Postby Tom » Fri Jan 07, 2005 10:19 am

I'm not gonna vote here, because i like cigars, but not everytime i have a dram and vice versa. Also on a tasting, like you obviously i prefer the room to be smoke free, although i dont really mind cigarettesmoke. With a sherry monster on CS i just have to have a cigar at hand, but with a peatmonster i rather dont. However i would never be so selfish (and stupid) as to light up a cigar on a tasting, and even more if i see someone else doing it the tasting is nearly ruined for me.
on the other hand, no spirit matches a cigar as well as malt.
You are right though, if you dont smoke them yourselfes, cigars stink, i hated the smell too before i smoked them and no doubt there were some people in the club that hated it if i smoke a cigar and they have a dram. but i can assure you if anyone comments on it i will put it out without a problem. So far nobody has but they might be just polite. Then again, they sell cigars at the club... so what do you expect.

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Postby Iain » Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:24 am

A breath of fresh air?

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