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Whisky Competition

Postby Skaredykat » Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:12 pm

I'm an American girl working in France at a wine store. We have a large selection of whiskies as well and recently my company sent out a quiz to win a trip to visit some speyside distilleries. Some questions are quite tough and I really want to beat those frenchies at their own game. Can anybody help me out?

Question 1: What kinds of casks are used for maturing Glenfiddich 12 yo Special Reserve?

a: 85percent bourbon/ 15 percent sherry
b: 80 per bourbon/ 20 per sherry
c: 90 per bourbon/ 10 per sherry

Question 2: What kind of barley is used for Glenfiddich and Balvenie?

a/ Optic
b: Chariot
c: Prisma
d: Golden Promise

Question 3: What material is the Balvenie's washbacks made of?
I've seen both Douglas fir and Oregon pine as listed. Can anyone tell me which one is it definitely?

Question 4: And how many liters do one of these washbacks hold?
a: 55,000
b: 58000
c: 60000
d: 65000

Last Question: Grant's sherry cask whisky is the first blended whisky to be matured in sherry casks for-
a: 2 months
b: 4 months
c: 6 months
d: 8 months

Thank you for any help that you can give! I think it's pretty obvious which distilleries I'll be visiting if I win.


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