Alistair Darling's 2009 budget - rise in duty?

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How much will Alistair Darling put on duty for Whisky

Poll ended at Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:35 pm

Less than 5%
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Nothing, Gordon Brown is a nice Scotsman and tell AD to give us a break (LMAO)
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Alistair Darling's 2009 budget - rise in duty?

Postby Jimmy321 » Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:35 pm

Alistair Darling will make his Budget statement to the House of Commons on 22 April 2009 at 12:30pm.

Given that the UK is now in serious debt & tax revenues from business's and individuals will be seriously down the UK government needs to cut spending and claw tax £££ from every possible source. The one's that stand out are whisky & oil.

So the question is, how much (%) do you think he will increase the duty on spirits (Whisky).

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