Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

General chat and talk about whisky.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

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General Questions

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General questions

Advertising & Packaging:
How powerful is whisky advertising?
"Yoof" whisky
An observation...
Master of scotch, Master of Whisky, or Masters of Nothing?
A competition / reward for most tasteless new packaging?
Best Whisky Packaging Ever
Worst Whisky Packaging Ever!!
Ardbeg and Talisker Packagings (bottle codes)
New Douglas Laing packaging

Advice for novices
Suggestions for Newcomers to Single Malts
Want to try single malt
New to Whisky
My First Single Malt Scotch
Newby having trouble with nose, finish, etc.
If you were to introduce someone to single malt whisky ....
New to whiskey. How to acquire a taste.
Acquiring the taste
Learning to Taste

Spirit Awards
Whisky Awards and value
Malt Maniacs Awards 2006
10 year old, 12 year old...
Bowmore.....Best Whisky in the world not Talisker 18

Bottle sizes:
Change in bottle size
1 liter bottles
Half size bottles - good or bad ?
20 cl Classic Malts (and Hidden?)
Smaller bottles
When did the UK go from 26 2/3rd flozs to 75cl bottles?

Buying casks:
How to buy a "cask" of whisky
Buying a cask
My own cask
New Casks
Whisky on casks
Which Cask should I buy?
Kilchoman Cask Offer
Angel's Share of a small cask
Cask offer

wanting to start collection
Drinker or Collector?
How to date a bottle
Out of Room
Anybody have whisky insurance??
How often do you......?
"Investible" whisky
do you actually collect whisky or just drink?
Why do you collect?
Cataloging a collection
How do you Display your collection?
What do you collect
Your monthly budget?

I am a Jim Murray Bible points whore ... help !
Which Critic do you most agree with?
How influential are the whisky reviewers?

Broken Cork
All about Corks
Suggestions on how to remove a broken cork?
Cork Diameter
Cork Size - Scotch vs Bourbon
Problems with cork?
Disintegrating Cork?
Cork and alcohol - off topic
Single malt and screwcap!!!
"Plastic, not axes, threatens cork forests"

Diageo - Ranges:
Flora & Fauna series
Favorite Flora & Fauna bottle
Flora + Fauna
Rare malts selection
Rare Malts (UDV - Diageo)
Extension of the Classic Malts range

Different kinds of Whisk(e)y:
Grain Whisky
Scottish Grain Whiskies
Bourbon vs. Scotch
Questions about bourbon/American whiskey
Scotch drinkers on Irish & bourbon
Irish whiskey-for a scothdrinker seeking new experiences...
Advice for a Bourbon novice.
What's The Difference Between..?
rye whiskeys
Bourbon without rye?

Distilleries - various:
Definition of Independent Distillery?
Staffing a Small Distillery
List of active distilleries
Which distillery runs the best society?
Which distiller uses the highest peat PPM?
Least consistant distillery?
The least remarkable distillery in Scotland
Little confused!!! (Silent distilleries continuing being bottled)
Diageo- A new distillery
Rumours (Annandale reopening)
Highest Lowest Most and Least
hyphenated malts... (-Glenlivet suffix)

Drams: (What is a "Dram" and how big is it?)
Could someone explain what a "dram" is?
Why only "a dram"?
Does size matter?
What's your Dram-size
How much is a dram in cl?
A wee half and half
Whisky pours
When I say dram I really mean...

Problems with ebay
Collectable bottle puzzle
Ebay removing bottles ?
ebay v
Just a word of warning!

Enjoying whisky:
Does Anybody Hand Warm Their Whisky?
Palate cleansing, What works for you ?
Drinkin whisky like a bottle o' wine?
Palate Fade, Myth or Reality?
The "legs"
Microwaved Whisky !!
Do you ever get drunk?
How much do you drink and how often?
How often do you drink whisky ?
How long does your bottle last?????
How long does it take you to finish a bottle?
How many nights per week do you drink whisky?
How much are you drinking?
Trusting Your Own Palate
How do you taste?
There is only ONE correct way to take your whisky.....
Experiments with ice
How does weather affect your tastes?
Whisky and Humidity
Summerdram ?
Whisky for all seasons or def. Winter vs. Summer tastes?
Drinks change with seasons?
Learning by the bottle or the glass?
tracking whisky
Experiments with ice
Two types of scotch drinkers...
Time of Day for Malts
Nosing Question.
Numbed Tastebuds?
Help! It all tastes like water...
rating whisky
Spider diagram
Where do you most enjoy drinking your fave whisky & why?
Matching malts-does anyone else do this??

Favourites... or not
Siren song call to open
Happy to see empty...
Sad to see empty...
Landmark malts
What whiskies should I stay away from?

Filtration & additives:
Barrier filtration
Non-Chill filtering
Non Chill Filtered
Residue in Whisky Bottle
Chill filtering?
Shaking whiskies...
When did chill-filtration of whisky begin in its earnest
Chill Filtering
Chill filtration...
Is there a list of non chill filtered whiskies?
floaters in my bottle...
floaters/specks in old whisky?
Enemy # 1: Caramel
Coloured malts
why is caramel allowed?
why is caramel allowed in Scotch Whisky?

Flavours & styles:
To peat or not to peat..... (Peat tired?)
Peaty vs. Smokey
Peaty/sweet whiskies
The Flavour of Peat??
Which distiller uses the highest peat PPM?
A Good Smokey Malt
Smoked Whisky?
Why do people like strong smoke whiskies?
The Great Big Smoke
Honey & Vanilla with no Bitterness
Honey I Love You!
Is "terroir" important for whisky taste and flavour
Alcohol percentage and flavour?
Looking for a creamy whisky
Like Sherried Whiskies => Like Sherry ?
CS Sherry monsters
What is the smoothest/least fierce Scotch Whisky?
Whiskies with most "wood" in the taste?
The Sweetest Scotch ?
Is there a whisky that is not sweet?
Anti-Sherrymonster suggestions please!
Malt Monsters
Malty malts
Unpeated whiskies
Rubber Tastes
Sulphur influence?
About the flavours in whisky...
Something neutral but not boring- any suggestions?
Spirity at the end?
Characteristic Malts
Is no whisky actually bad?
Offensive Scents/Flavors
Big Malt
Pear Drops...
Full bodied, thick whisky
Looking for a very light and mellow single malt
Liquorice tasting whisky???
Forget taste... which has the best aroma?

Drinking Glasses
Your Favorite Glass
Does glass appearance have any influence?
Glass question
Single malt glasses
Johnson's Whisky Tot
New dedicated whisky glass
whisk(e)y decanter: aestetics / lead
Decanters and Containers
End of the glass tumbler?
Malt Whisky Glass
Handmade water jugs and dilution

do higher alcohol drinks affect your liver more?
Scotch and Maintaining a Healthy Weight...
Hangover cures
Did I Ruin My Whisky?] (Antibiotics affecting taste)
Your liver and your booze...

Hosting a tasting:
Scotch Tasting Gone Wild - what order do I choose
Novice requires 6 suggestions for first whisky tasting
Tasting order tips
Help with Whisky Tasting Order
What do you call a vertical?
Should whisky tastings be conducted blind?
Need food suggestions for tasting event
Whiskey Tasting HELP
Sequencing whisky drams
Whisky tasting in China: advice sought
Tasting session
Avoid anything before a tasting?
What do you guys use to clean your palette?
Any good advice for whisky tastings?

Improving whisky:
Ever make your own vattings?
Has anyone made their own vatted malt???
Re - barrel?
Continue aging, is it possible?
Whisky Works] (US 1l cask)
Your own personal Vattings
What would happen
Maturation a la casa

Moved to separate post

Lifetime of opened bottles / Whisky & storage:
refrigeration storage
Whisky & heat
Keeping Whisky
Strange phenomenon
Does whiskey get 'old'?
Opened bottle life
Does opening a bottle do bad things???
Decanters and Containers
does unsealed whiskey go bad?
how long does a bottle whisky last once open?
Oxidation after opening
right way to store...
What influences evaporation in closed bottles?
whiskey in a barrel??
Glass beads
does time spent bottled affect taste?
Opened bottles that get better
When does whiskey go bad?
Stored bottles horizontal
Question on deterioration of whisky in sample bottles
How old is too old?
Does Whiskey 'Go Off'
How to store your Whisky
How to keep your S. Malts
Storing whisky in the carton
Does Taste change or is it me?
Vacuum cork for whiskey
What does whisky taste like when it has 'gone bad'?
Testing the theory of oxidation with Lagavulin
Does flavor change after opening bottle
5-6 weeks makes a big difference
What does oxidation do to the taste?
Settle a Bet (Science of evaporation)
degradation of malt whisky due to heat???
Allowing the bottle to rest on its side?
Storing whisky on its side destroys the whisky. In how long?
Can one save an "off" bottle?
Corked Whisky?
Condensation in unopened bottles
How to save opened bottles
Bottle fracture/disintegration
Bubbles in my Whisky
Whisky Miniature Contents

Maturation & Finishes
Age vs. oakiness
Is an older whisky by definition a better whisky?
Different Wood Casks
Wood Influence in Whisky
Wood finishing
The Love of the Finish
Rum-cask aged whisky ?
Rum casks?
Historical questions about cask maturing?
How long was whisky aged...way back when......
When did they start to (age whisky)
Angels' Share
what is plain oak?
Does Aged Vodka become Whisky
Maturing Whisky in Caves?
Some terms that need defining...well at least to me they do!(Casks)
Different names for barrels?
Dunnage vs. racked warehouse
sherry casks
What type of Sherry?
How many bottles from a sherry butt bottled at cask strenght
On Oak and the meaning of life...
Oak chips ......
Why 63.5% ?
Colour (Cask influence on)

Price v Age v Quality:
Price/Quality perception?
Diminishing returns
is it worth spending more?
Howt to define "quality" in a whisky
Younger = Better?
The cost of young Bottlings ?
Is Whisky more expensive in Scotland?
Is an older whisky by definition a better whisky?
Supposedly great whiskies that didn't impress you
2 Die For
Best value $20 bottle of single malt
Best price/quality ratio...AGAIN
Difference in price

Pure Pot Still?
What does BIB mean?
Where is barley coming from?
Source of Malting Barley
Distilled how many times?
legal question (Vat to raise abv)
Limited Editions (Size thereof)

Pronunciation & names
Proper pronunciation
Dumb Pronounciation Question
Islay- Pronunciation
Glenfiddich- Pronunciation
Pronounciation] (Pronounce)
How do you pronounce Diageo?
Shee'vus? Ch as Sh?
The Meaning Behind the Name?

What's all this north highlands, east highlands etc nonsense
Speyside or Highland??

Whisky & Beer:
Whisky & beer
Marston's Single Malt Beer
Beer with Lagavulin
Beer in a whisky cask
Beer barrel

Whisky & cigars:
Looking for the ultimate cigar/whisky combo
cigars are nefast for peat???
Cigars and Whisky?
Whisky and cigars: a perfect match?
Show us your Humidor/s...
Whisky/Cigars ???

Whisky & Food
Whisky and Food? Recipes/Suggestions
Whisky And Italian/Spicy Foods
Favorite whisky recipes or go-withs?
Whisky recipes
Whisk(e)y and chocolate!
Anyone got any food recipes with whisky
Food for a whisky tasting
Is Whisky too strong to accompany food ?
Cooking with malts: a waste of good whisky?
Need food suggestions for tasting event
Which is the best singe malt to combine with haggis?
Whisky and Food combinations
dont taste whisky after you've eaten...
Malt Whisky Cheddar

Whisky & water:
Fine Waters for Fine Whisky?
Whisky and Water
Water with whisk(e)y: yes or no?
How much water?????
What is the best water?
Cask strength, neat or with water?
How Much Water Do You Add To A Cask Strength Bottle?
How Much Water Do You Add To A Cask Strength Bottle?
Handmade water jugs and dilution

Port & Sherry
A Bit About Sherry
Looking for a Sherry or Port suggestion

The stuff not fitting in the above categories:
Multilayered whiskyterms?
Scottish tablet
New Whisky Shop in Speyside(Also covering "tablet")
Uncommon whiskies - hidden gems
Indian Whisky Tasting Notes
What did Scotch Whisky used to taste like?
How to ask for a drink at a bar?
Flasking malt
Can whisky be clear?
Whisky Galore! (The movie)
Is this a naive question? (UK vs US proof)
When will the Peat run out??
Classification of Malts
Neutral Grain Alcohol]
Barcodes on UK whisky bottles???
Will whisky be younger in the future?
15 Years Ago (State of single malts anno 1992)
Are you a Malt Snob?
Cask Strength???
Cask Strength..vatted or SC?
Single Malts in the Movies
Tax on Whisky (UK)


Travel and Shopping

Postby Matt2 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:31 pm

Traveling / Shopping:

Help in Australia

Looking for a good whisky pub in Sydney

Czech Republic

Visiting Prague


Single Malt in Beijing

Whisky in Belgium?

Duty Free Shop in Brussels, Belgium

Tax Free in Canada and other..
Ordering from Canada
Buying Japanese Whisky in Canada..

Amateur visiting Calgary
Good whisky shop in Calgary please

Whisky in Edmonton
Visiting Edmonton, AB (CAN)


Vancouver BC


Tuff One: (Good) Scotch In Brighton

Malt-shops in London
I'll be in London...what to do?
Whisky Store at Heathrow
Whisky and London
London City Airport
London Pubs/Bars??

Duty Free at Luton Airport

Manchester and Schipol Airport's duty-free whisky
Whisky shop in Manchester
Manchester airport
Manchester Airport Duty Free


Whisky in Berlin

Frankfurt Airport Duty Free - any advice???

off to Hamburg next week - duty free suggestions

Any good whisky shops in Munich?


Whisky shop in Leiden/amsterdam

Den Haag:
Whisky Shops/Pubs in den Haag

Manchester and Schipol Airport's duty-free whisky


Good Pubs in Dingle?

Dublin & Belfast
Dublin, Ireland


Whiskyshops in Rome?

Going to Japan, any recommendations
Going to Japan and China
Getting Whisky In Japan. Where?
Trip to Japan

Malta in the Med


Southern America & The Carribean

Costa Rica:
Duty Free Shop, Costa Rica (San Jose)


I am going to Scotland, ADVICE please
Your Favorite Scotland
Visiting Scotland
Whiskey Distillery Tours
Touring Scotland
A trip to Scotland - Any suggestions?
Whisky Shops, Scotland+Ireland Trip...
Whisky Travel: Scotland!
First Trip to Scotland...
Visiting Inverary and Campbeltown .. help needed!
Some questions about camping in Scotland, oh and whisky

Distillery Tours:
Whiskey Distillery Tours
Who amongst us has made pilgrimage to a whisky distillery?
Please don't shout!!(Distillery tours conducted by foreign exchange students)
Whisky theme parks? No thanks!
Need advice on Islay distillery visit
Recommend a distillery visit nearish Tain?
Rant(Tullibardine visit)
The Balvenie Distillery Tours
Distillery holiday/work

Good whiskypub in Aberdeen?

Liquor stores in Banff, AB - good selection?

Edinburgh whisky pubs
Central Edinburgh - Whisky Bar
Visiting Edinburgh, cheap whisky suggestions!
Whisky Attractions in Edinburgh

Glasgow - whisky related weekend - any suggestions ?
Glasgow Query
The Pot Still (Glasgow, Hope St)
Whisky shops in Glasgow
Glasgow prestwick airport

Accomodation in ISlay?
Islay distillery hunting
Islay Airport
Good place to stay on Islay

US visit
Liquor Stores in Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Monterey?
any experience with companies that ship interstate in US?
Looking for Scotch Whisky Shops, MD, VA, DC

Whisky shops in Atlanta

Single Malt in Boston
Baltimore and Boston bound - Philly pending

Whisky shops in Dallas, TX

Any SM pubs in downtown denver area?

Where to buy Whisky in Houston

Las Vegas:
Whisky/Whiskey in Vegas?
Travelling to Las Vegas and Palm Springs, CA

New York:
Whisky bars in New York
Duty-Free Whiskey in NY State

San Francisco:
San Francisco Whisky Shops - Excellent Experiences
San Francisco pub recommendations

Seattle pub

Travelling: General:

Travel tips...
Bringing Whiskies back from the UK to the US
Duty Free recommendations
New airline rules?
Ban on liquids in carry on luggage
Ban on Whisky in Air Plane Cabin Luggage; A Response!
Airport security and whisky

Favorite Pubs
Great Whisky Bars of the World
Whisky Bars

Shopping & Shipping:

Mailing Whisky in the UK - how ?
Mailing Bottles of Whisky
Mailing whisky in a parcel in UK?
Mailing Whisky within the Uk
Shipping Costs UK to Europe
EU Tax Law - Distance Selling for Excisable goods
Distance Selling - Online trading
Importing spirits update
Shipping to North America

Shopping - general
Whisky Shops
Whisky Stores
UK - where do you buy your booze?
Purchasing Scotch Online
Great Whisky Shops of the World
Your favourite retailer(s).

Shopping - specific stores:
You must 'Get Whisky' now!
Choice Comments from Richard Joynson at Loch Fyne Whiskies
Problems with a German whiskyshop (Scoma - resolved)
"World of whisky"
The Whisky Exchange
The Whisky Exchange
Whisky Mouse



Postby Matt2 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:34 pm


Islays in general /comparisons

Which flagship OB of the Kildalton trio: Ardbeg, Lagavulin & Laphroaig are the best Islay and which one would we alle recommend? - A few discussions covering this:
Islay peat monsters(Kildalton malts)
Trio of greats!
Which to buy?
Favourite Islay malt
Ardbeg vs Lagavulin vs Laphroaig
Lagavulin and laphroaig

What else to buy in the South Islay Style
4 Islays together
Best islay young cask strenght
Cask Strength Laphroaig vs Ardbeg
Peaty whisky matures only in 1rst fill sherry casks?
Which distiller uses the highest peat PPM?
Islay Distilleries Run Out of Fuel Oil
Islay malts
Need basic Islay/Island Malt like Lagavulin16 w/ less smoke
1971 Islay vintages(Or the lcak thereof)
Islay peaty ranking (Peat levels in the different malts.)

Islays - specific distilleries:

Ardbeg fans help me
Musings about Ardbeg and the future
Whats the best Ardbeg?
Ardbeg Taste Off
What are the chances at Ardbeg...
New bottles for Ardbeg?
End of an Era !
New Ardbeg Manager

Ardbeg very young - 6YO.
Ardbeg Very Young
Ardbeg Discussion (AVY)
Ardbeg Still Young
Ardbeg Still Young
Ardbeg Almost There
Ardbeg Almost There how many?
Ardbeg Nearly There
Ardbeg 10yo 25th June?
Ardbeg 10yo
Ardbeg 10
Ardbeg 10 Cask Strength 57.8%
ardbeg 17yr tasting notes please
substitute for Ardbeg 17 y.o.
Is a new Ardbeg 17 coming?
Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist
Ardbeg 16yo 'Airigh Nam Beist'
Ardbeg 1990 - Airigh Nam Beist
The Beast
Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist
Ardbeg Airidh Nam Beist . . . worth it?
Ardbeg Kildalton - Any Good ?
Ardbeg Kildalton
Lord of The Isles discontinued?
Ardbeg - Lord of the Isles - whydoesnt anyone like it?
Ardbeg Lord of the isles 25 yr old
Ardbeg Lord of the Isles
Ardbeg Lord of The Isles
Ardbeg Mor
Ardbeg Provenance - 3,5 times better than '77 ?
Ardbeg Provenance 1974, 2000 bottling???
Ardbeg Provenance
Compass Box Peat Monster vs. Ardbeg Uigeadail
Uigeadail - what makes it "good"?
Ardbeg Uigeadail (my first bottle)
Is Ardbeg Uggie Cask Strength
Any" Cap top" Uigeadail available? (Expl. "Captop")
Ardbeg - Uigeadail
Ardbeg Uigeadail bottling codes and differences

Ardbeg 1977 Info
Ardbeg 1977
Ardbeg 1977
Ardbeg 1977
Ardbeg 1977
1977 Ardbeg - a couple of questions
Ardbeg 1974 Flying Turf Flight 2
Ardbeg single casks
Old OB's of Ardbeg pre 1975
Ardbeg Single Cask Christmas 2006
Ardbeg 1965 OB
Ardbeg 1965 Commercial
Ardbeg 1965 OB
Ardbeg 1965, from which casks it has been drawn?

Ardbeg Committee Reserve(s)?
New Ardbeg Committee Reserve! (Young Uigeadail)
the Ardbeg Oogling
drink or sell your ardbeg oogling
Price of an oogling

An Ardbeg Indie
Cadenhead's Ardbegs?
G&M Conn. Ardbeg '91/03 40%
Gordon & MacPhail Ardbeg 1978???
OMC Ardbegs
Old Malt Cask Ardbeg
OMC Ardbegs and Laphroaigs
Ardbeg - Spirit of Scotland
Ardbeg Spirit of Scotland
New Ardbeg on the horizon (Serendipity)
Serendipity - Ardbeg/Glen Moray
Serendipity deja vu

Bowmore & FWP - some definitive research
Bowmore Malts anyone?
Bowmore - Canadian Launch of the New-Look New-Line (2007)
New Bowmore bottles and labels

Bowmore Claret
Bowmore Darkest
Bowmore Darkest
bowmore darkest
Bowmore Enigma
Bowmore"Enigma' 12yo
Bowmore Legend (Age of)
Bowmore Legend scores points!
Bowmore 12 yo
Bowmore 16yo (1989) - Any Good ?
1989 16 yr Bowmore
Bowmore 16 Year Cask Strength
Bowmore 1989-16yr Old Cask Strength?
Bowmore 17.... going?
Bowmore 17yo
Bowmore 18
Bowmore 21 - collectible and/or not made anymore?
Bowmore 1971 34 YO
Old Bowmore
new black bowmore
New Bowmore Distillery bottling from 1964
Bowmore quality

Help me with Bruichladdich
The Laddie
New Bruichladdich's
Which Laddie?
Which Laddie?
Bruichladdich - What's worth trying?
Bruichladdich - one step too far?
Bruichladdich Links
Bruichladdich 'The Peat Proposal'-Statement of age?
Which malts in Bruichladdich 3D second edition Moine Mhor
Bruichladdich Rocks
Bruichladdich Rocks
Bruichladdich "Trestarig"
Now THIS is potent!!
Bruichladdich 15
Bruichladdich XVII
Something comparable to Bruichladdich XVII wanted
New Bruichladdich 18?
Bruichladdich 21 year old info.
Bruichladdich 20 year 3rd edition
30 Year Old Bruichladdich Single Malt Whisky
Twenty twenty vision
Bruichladdich 3D Peat Proposal
Bruichladdich 1993 Recioto Finish (Oddbins Excl)
Yet another new Bruichladdich!!
Bruichladdich 1986, limited to 150
Bruichladdich Blacker Still
Blackers still - verdict
Bruichladdichs: Infinity vs. 1986 Dark Sherry?
Which Bruichladdich Legacy?
Port Charlotte - See Port Charlotte

bunnahabhain 18 year old
McPhail's Collection Bunnahabhain 1990

Caol Ila
Comments on Caol Ila wanted
Which Caol Ila to buy?
Caol Ila, 12, 15, 15 Signatory?
Caol Ila 18yo
Caol Ila 18 YO
Caol Ila
Unpeated Caol Ila
8yo Unpeated Caol Ila ..... whats the crack with it?
Caol Ila Distiller's Edition 1993

Caol Ila 1988 from Gordon & MacPhail
Caol Ila 10yr old '91...YUK!!
Caol Ila Whisky Galore

Kilchoman 5 yr. old Futures

Lagavulin fans
lagavulin 12 special release edition 2
Lagavulin - price rise?
So, Is Lagavulin 16 considered to be..........
Current Lagavulin 16 vs. old White Horse version?
My new friend....Lagavulin 16
Lagavulin 16YO but naked ;)
Lagavulin 16 - huge disappointment
Lagavulin single cask] (Islay festival 07)
Lagavulin PX 1990
Lagavulin 1990 Distillers Edition.... opinions
Lagavulin Doublewood 1988?
Lagavulin 15 Year Old Distillers Edition
Lagavulin 16 Distiller's Edition (PX Cast)
Differences among Lagavulin Distiller's Editions?
Lagavulin Px finish artificially coloured?
Lagavulin 12 CS, Lagavulin 16 or Lagavulin 25 CS
Lagavulin 25 Year Old
Why so few Lagavulin Indies?

Comparing Laphroaigs
The best Laphroaig
Which is the better Laphroaig?
laphroaig mellowed?
Laphroaig and age
Why do the owners of Laphroaig do this?
Best introduction to Laphroaig for beginners
Laphroaig older bottlings
A new Laphroaig?
If I like Laphroaig 10.....
Question about Laphroaig 10
Is your Laphroaig 10 YO 40% or 43% ABV????
Laphroaig 10 yo C/S
Laphroaig 10 and wild garlic?
Is the Laphroaig 10 Cs artificially coloured?
Laphroaig 10 & Ardbeg 10
Laphroaig 10 & BC
Laphroaig 10 Discontinued in Ontario
Laphroaig Triple Collection?
Laphroaig QC v CS v 15yo
Laphroaig 15 or 10 CS
Laphroaig 15 packaging?
Laphroaig 15
Laphroaig 10 year or Quarter Cask?
Laphroaig Quarter Cask
How old is Laphroaig Quarter Cask?
Laphroaig Quarter Cask
Laphroaig CS - twice as much water?
Laphroaig - CS Red Stripe
Laphroaig CS: The Stripes Question
Laphroaig 30 yrs
Question about Laphroaig 30yo
Special edition Laphroaig 18yo/Sweden
Laphroaig "duke of rothesay" bottling

Port Charlotte
Laddie Boys New Distillery gets green light
Port Charlotte 5 - to buy or not to buy
port charlotte
Alchemist Port Charlotte
PC5 Current Value?
port charlotte

Port Ellen
Adventures of a malt junkie
Port Ellen recommendations
Port Ellen Annual Releases
Port Ellen 1st - 6th release
Whisky Investment - Port Ellen ?
The Best Port Ellen...
Port Ellen - 1979 - Connoisseurs Choice
Availability of Port Ellen Whisky?
Port Ellen 19 year old, Old Malt Cask Bottling. Notes please
Port Ellen Query
New 22YO Port Ellen Release - OMC
Opinions on PORT ELLEN 1978 6th Release?
port ellen
Port Ellen Pricing
Are Brora and Port Ellen worth it?
Port Ellen bottles available from Binny's
Port Ellen - a new bottling from 1982
Old Malt Cask "Advance Sample"

Islay blends, vatted malts & mystery malts:
Black Bottle 10 Year Old
Black Bottle and blends in general
Black Bottle
Classic of Islay
Islay Mist
Clen Denny 5yr old Vatted Islay Malt
Islay Fusion 12yo (46%, Moon Import)?
Tesco Islay Single Malt


Other Regions

Postby Matt2 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:35 pm

Whisky - other regions:

Aberlour A'bunadh
Aberlour A'bunadh Batch 14
Aberlour 15
Aberlour a'bunadh (batch 15)
A'bunadh #17
Aberlour A'Bunadh
Aberlour A'bunadh, Glenfarclas 105 or Macallan Cask Strength
Aberlour Abundah
Aberlour 15yo--Sherry Finish
Aberlour - a diverse range of flavours
Aberlour 16 DM

Allt a Bhainne
Fascinating Facts about Allt a Bhainne

AN CNOC 1975

Ardmore Quarter Cask OB

The Arran Malt
Arran range
Arran single cask 1996
Arran edition, anyone seen it? (Robert Burns bottling)

Auchantoshan Three Wood
Auchentoshan 21yo - Fake???
New Release Ltd Edition Auchentoshan 16yo Bourbon Finish
Slow aging Auchentoshan!!!!!

Balblair 38 a CS?
Balblair 16
The New Balblairs
New Balblair

Tom's review of The Balvenie (Top quality thread!)
Your favorite Balvenie
A Bad Word About The Balvenie
Balvenie : the real taste?
Balvenie Founders Reserve
Is anyone Else Disappointed by Balvenie 10yo??
The end of Balvenie 10?
Balvenie (Yet another thread on the 10yo)
Why Goodbye to Balvenie 10?
Balvenie 12
Balvenie 12 or 21?
Balvenie 12yo DW Canadian style?
Always over looked Balvenie Double Wood
Balvenie 14 Rumwood
Balvenie 14 roasted malt
Balvenie'Roasted Malt
Balvenie 15 Yr. Single Barrel
Balvenie Single Barrel
Balvenie 15 casks
Balvenie 17yo New Oak
Balvenie New Wood/Oak
Balvenie Port Wood Finish
Balvenie Rum Finish
The Balvenie Islay Cask: wood finishes gone mad?
What do you think of The Balvenie 17 Islay cask?
Balvenie New Wood 17yo
Balvenie 21 Price Increase
Balvenie 21 PortWood
Balvenie 21 PortWood packaging
Balvenie Cask 191 information

Mackillips 37 year old (Banff)

Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis - a partial view
Ben Nevis 1992
New 13 yr Ben Nevis Port Wood Finish

"New " Benriach's? (BenRiach)
The lost speyside
Benriach Authenticus 21yo


Benromach Traditional
Benromach Traditional has gone downhill!
Benromach Organic
Heavily Peated Benromach

Bladnoch 10YO Flora and Fauna
Tasting notes for Bladnoch 10
Thoughts on Bladnoch 10yo??
Bladnoch NAS 70 proof

Blair Athol
Blair Athol Whiskey

Braeval Provenanse Summe Distillation 8 Years Old

Brora 13yo(1982-1995) Cadenhead cask stregth 59.2 abv
Brora 30 YO OB
Brora 1981 Signatory
Are Brora and Port Ellen worth it?
Help! Should I or not? Brora CS - please hurry!
Brora OMC 19yo. Good or "where the other stuff comes out

Fascinating Facts about Caperdonich


Which Clynelish?
Clynelish 14
Clynelish 14
The more I drink Clynelish 14...
Clynelish malt -- ever peated since Brora closed?
Clynelish 1971 35y old, DL Platinum, bottled 2006

Another whisky for the Overrated Bin
Tasting Notes Cragganmore 10yo OB?
Cragganmore 12
Cragganmore 12 year old
Cragganmore 12
Cragganmore distillers edition 1991
Cragganmore Cask Strength


Croftengea - Yuk !
Croftengea Distillery

Dalmore Cigar Malt - added caramel?
Dalmore Cigar Malt
Dalmore 12 Tasting Notes
Dalmore 18
Thoughts on Dalmore 21?

Dalwhinnie 15yo - Not what I was expecting!
Dalwhinnie 15 year old
Dalwhinnie 15 Years Old


Any feedback on Dufftown?

Query - reaction to Edradour Burgundy finish
Edradour 10yo
Edradour 10yo
Signatory Edradour 1976

Any opinions on Glenallachie

OB Glencadam 15

Responces to Glendronach 12 (OB)

Glen Elgin
Glen Elgin 12yo - Official (looking) Bottling

Ranking Glenfarclae
Query: Comparing Glenfarclas and Macallan?
Glenfarclas 12
Glenfarclas 105 age -- back of 35cL box says 10 years?
Old vs. New Glenfarclas 15?
Glenfarclas Dark Oloroso
Your favorite Glenfarclas
Glenfarclas and Old Pulteney
CONFUSED?? (Glenfarclas 8yo)
Glenfarclas.... your recommendations?
Glenfarclas 104
Glenfarclas 17 vs. 21] (Pronounce)

Glenfiddich Straight Malt, 70 Proof, No Age Statement
Glenfiddich Caoran 12 Year Old
Has anyone tried GLENFIDDICH 12 Year Old 'Toasted Oak' ?
Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15yr
Glenfiddich 15yo Cask Strength (51%)
glenfiddich (18 Excellence)
Glenfiddich 18 Ancient Reserve
Glenfiddich - 18 yr Ancient Malt
Glenfiddich 18yo.. Outch!
glenfiddich 21yo gran reserva or 21yo havana reserve
Gran Reserva (21 yr. old)
The best Glenfiddich
Does anybody drink Glenfiddich?

Glen Flagler:
Glen Flagler

Glen Garioch
Glen Garioch Old and New
Glen Garioch 15

Glenglassaugh 1973 Family Silver

Glengoyne 10 and 17 yr

Glen Grant
Glen Grant

Glenkinchie 10 year old

Glenlivet 15 YO
Glenlivet - 12 or 18?
Glenlivet Nadurra and 12 year old first fill sherry?
Glenlivet - Nadurra
Glenlivet Nadurra
New Glenlivet bottling! (Nadurra)
Glenlivet Nadurra or Macallan Cask Strength?
Secret Treasures Glenlivet 1978-2003
Glenlivet Lovers
Duncan & Taylor 1968 35yo Glenlivit?
Scott's Selection Glenlivet 1970

Glenlossie 1974, G&M Conn.

Glenmorganie Update(New range - 2007)
Ooh, la la!(New range - 2007)
Glenmorangie Golden Rum Finish
Glenmorangie 12 yr old Rum Finish
Glenmorangie Port Wood
Glenmorangie PortWood Finish
Anybody try the Glenmorangie Sherry Finish?
Glenmorangie sherry wood finish
Glenmorrangie Sherry Wood Finnish
Who's tasted Glenmorangie Cellar 13?
Pale colour of Glenmorangie "Cellar 13"
Glenmorangie Cellar 13 (and hello)
Madeira Wood Finish... Madeira?
SMWS bottle Glenmorangie for first time

Glen Moray
Glen Moray
Glen Moray collectable Whisky
Glen Moray 1986 Commemorative bottling

Glen Ord
Glen Ord 30yo
Glen Ord and Terroir

Glenrothes "Select Reserve"
Glenrothes Select Reserve
Glenrothes Select reserve
New Glenrothes 1994
Glenrothes 1991?
Glenrothes 1979 Single Cask 13470
Glenrothes 1979 Single Cask 13470
Glenrothes 1978/1999
OMC Glen Rothes 1975 25yr
Change of label on Glenrothes malts

Glen Scotia
Glen Scotia 17 yo
New Glen Scotia 12
When was Glen Scotia opened?
Glen Scotia

Highland Park
Highland Park(New look + coluring)
Highland Park changes for the better!
New Bottle for HP
Highland Park - not as good as it used to be?
Highland Park
New HP 12, observations
Highland park 15 yr
Highland Park 16yo OB
Highland Park 16 YO
Highland Park 18
Disappointed with HP 18
Highland Park 18yo
Highland Park 18
HP 25yo vs. HP 18yo
Highland Park 25yo OB
Your favorite Highland Park
Highland Park Bicentennary
HIGHLAND PARK 1982 Royal Mile Whiskies
Attention ... Highland Park ltd edition just released! (Orkney Rugby Club)
Anyone familiar with... (split cask 38/39yo HP)
Park Avenue bottlings of Highland Park?
HIGHLAND PARK 1982 Royal Mile Whiskies
Signatory Unchillfiltered Collection Highland Park 1990-2005

Inchgower Flora & Fauna

Jura 5yo
Isle of Jura Superstition
Isle of Jura Superstition
Young Peaty Jura
Jura whisky
Isle of Jura 1984 George Orwell limited edition
Isle of Jura 1999...

Why William Grant & Sons Ltd have not released Kininvie?

Knokando 1987 12 year old.
Knockando 21

Ledaig old v new

Littlemill (yeugh)
Littlemill 17yo

Longmorn notes?
Longmorn IBs
Longmorn bottlings
Longmorn 15yo - any experiences?
Longmorn 15yo
Longmorn 15 or Strathisla 12
Longmorn 16y
Longmorn 25
Longmorn why aren't they sold more widely

Longrow 10yo (1994)
13 year Longrow Sherry. Any good?
Longrow 10 & 14
Longrow 14 (new distillery release)
Longrow - is it really that special ?
Longrow 10yo 100 Proof
Longrow 100 Proof
Longrow 10 (Tokaji)

It's happened! The Macallan is dead, long live the Macallan! (FO vs traditional)
Your favourite Macallan?
Seriously ignorant macallan questions of personal importance
Substitutes for the Macallan Sherry
New Macallan Ads
Macallan bottle on WhiskyAction
Macallan Amber?
Is there a Macallan Bias around here?
Edrington`s scheme works(Success of Fine Oak range)
Fascinating document on Macallan's marketing strategies....

The Fine Oak Macallans
Finer Oak range gets finer
Macallan Fine Oak 8 & 12 YO
Macallan 10 Fine Oak
Macallan Fine Oak 12
Macallan Fine Oak 15YO
Macallan 12 or 15 Fine Oak

Anyone try Macallan cask strength
Age of Macallan Cask Strength
Macallan CS red label vs. current triangle top
Macallan Cask Strength info wanted....
Different Macallan Cask Strengths?
Distillation date of 12 YO Macallans?
The decline of the Macallan 12?
Macallan Elegancia
Macallan travel
Macallan travel series
Macallan 10yr
Macallan 18 yo
What are the best Macallan 18 year old vintages?
Macallan 18s from the Seventies?
macallan 18 vintages
Macallan 18 y.o. 1986?
Macallan: '85 Or '86?
Best 80´s Macallan 18
Macallan 18 - 1987
Macallan 25 in red box?
Macallan 25 or Macallan 30 (old botling)
Macallan 1841
Macallan 1851 inspiration
Macallan 1861
Macallan 1861 Replica
Macallan 1874 replica
1950's Macallan?
Macallan Replacement
3 Macallan's
Macallan 100 Proof in the US
Macallan 19 Year Old - "Kirkland" Costco UK
Macallan 19yr Kirkland Label from Costco
Sean Michael's Macallan

The Loch Dhu

Millburn - Help Please
G&M Connoisseurs Choice Millburn

Mortlach Signatory Bottling
Mortlach 16yr Flora and Fauna - THE BEST

North Port
North Port

Oban - how is it?
Oban 14 Y.O.
Oban 14
Oban 14
Oban 1969 cask strength
Oban Casks

Old Pulteney
Old Pulteney
Old Pulteney 12

Rosebank 12yo
Rosebank Whisky Galore - 14 yrs
Rosebank Distillery - Is a 'resurrection' possible ?
Discerning between different batches of Rosebank F&F

Royal Lochnagar:
Royal Lochnagar 12

Scapa 12
Scapa 14yo
Scapa 14 YO
Scapa 14y

Springbank 100 Cask Strength - disappointing?
Springbank 15 year
Springbank 21
NEW Springbank 32 yr old
Campbeltown virgin seeks advice!
Springbank Rum Finish?
Springbank 1966
1st Editions VS 2nd Editions? (Hazelburn)
Which Springbank?
Spring Bank 1966
New Springbank ('97 vintage)
Springbank 175th anniversary
dun bheagan bottling of springbank 35year???
1st Editions VS 2nd Editions? (Hazelburn)

St Magadalene
St Magadalene 19 years 1979
St Magdalene 19y (1979) UDRM
Anyone had Gordon & MacPhails 1975 St. Magdalene?

The Rise of the Strathisla?
36yr old Strathisla Single Malt

Question for Talisker lovers?
Your experience with the Talisker Distillery(Travelling there)
Talisker 12
Talisker 12yo Classic Malts Anniversary
Talisker 1992 Distillers Edition
Award Talisker Dist'Edition
Talisker 10.........
More on Talisker 10YO's dumbing down
Talisker: Very sweet, and where is the pepper?
Talisker 10 or 18?
Talisker 18
Talisker 18YO OB
Talisker 18
Talisker 18 yr
Talisker 20 vs 25?
Talisker 20yo OB 25yo OB
Talisker 20 or 25?
Talisker 20 bourbon cask 58,8 %
For the same price: best talisker 20
Talisker 175th
Talisker 175th Anniversary Bottling
Opinions on the Talisker 175th anniversary malt...
Talisker 59.2% Limited edition
Secret Stills 1.1 G+M's 50 yo Talisker - opened last night !
The dark side of the Force. (Talisker)
Tactical 23y vs. Talisker 18y
Why Tactical, and not Talisker?
good Talisker
Talisker Awards
Talisker and Johnny Walkers

MacLeod's Tamdhu Medoc/Rum finishes
Any Feedback on Tamdhu?

Old Ballantruan

Tormore 12 yo

Tullibardine 1973
Tullibardine, what say you?


Bourbon / American

Postby Matt2 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:36 pm

Bourbon / American whiskey:

General - advice/recommendations/etc.
Bourbon Recommendations ??
what whisky is like the old west type?
American Whisky Pairings?
Bourbon vs. Scotch
Rye and Bourbon
Fine tasting bourbon
Venturing into "bourbonista"-hood
Bourbon without rye?
rye whiskeys
Can anyone recommend me a good Rye?
Why does Bourbon get a bad rap?
Questions about bourbon/American whiskey
Tennessee Whiskey??
You have GOT to be kidding me...
Advice for a Bourbon novice.
Bourbon distillery tours
Kentucky Distillery Tours
Same mashbill, different brand?
Cork Size - Scotch vs Bourbon
Newbie Bourbon Enthusiast
Bourbon, which one?
Good Bourbon?
Good Bourbon
Bourbons...... what do you like & why?
Bourbon Fans.
Brits & Bourbon
Rye vs. Bourbon
Bourbon vs. Single Malt

Specific brands:
Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey in Europe...?
Black Maple Hill
My Bookers VS George T Stagg review
Buffalo Trace
Buffalo Trace - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey(+ General discussion)
Copper Fox Whisky
Elijah Craig 12
Eagle Rare 101. To stock up or not to stock up
Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon @ 50% alc./vol.
George t stagg - filter?
George T Stagg
OT-Heads up for George T Stagg fans
George T. Stagg - european pricing?
Henry McKenna Single Barrel
Jack Daniels question
Jack Daniels classifiaction
Jim Beam/rye and cauliflower
Question about jim beam white/black label, and JD
Knob Creek
Pappy van Winckles 20 yr Family Reserve
"Old Grand-dad Whiskey" Any info?
Old Grandad 114 proof
Old Potrero Rye 45%
Ritterhouse straight rye
Sazerac Rye - 6yo vs. 18yo
Looking for Wisers Very Old


Independent Bottlings

Postby Matt2 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:37 pm

- Including vatted malts, mystery malts etc.

Comparing Independant Bottlers.
Which is the Best Independent Bottler
Independend bottlers
Independent Bottling Specifications
IB:s in America (Concerning bourbon)
CASK STORAGE of Independent bottlers ????
Official Bottlings Better than Independent Bottlings?
Independant Bottlings...
Independent Bottlers
why is IB'whisky cheaper than OB'whisky?
Will independent bottling come to an end?
Independent bottlers

Various vatted:
The Six Isles
JW Green


Alchemist- independent bottler

Blackadder - Aberdeen Distillers
Blackadder Raw Cask

Clydesdale Clynelsih

Compass Box
Compass Box Peat Monster vs. Ardbeg Uigeadail
Compass Box Spice Tree vs. Glengoyne Scottish Oak
Compass Box Peat Monster?
Peat Monster ?
Compass Box Eleuthera
Compass Box musings
Compass Box Vatted Grain

Dewar Rattray
Dewar Rattray
DEWAR RATTRAY- whats your thoughts

Douglas Laing
Anone tried a Douglas Laing Premier Barrel Ceramic?
Old Malt Cask and Provenance IB line
Old Malt Cask Platinum Series
Ardbeg OMC where is it aged at?? location ??

Dun Bheagan
Reviews on Dun Bheagan products.
dun bheagan

Duncan Taylor
A Duncan Taylor sample tasting, plus a few more

Jack Wieber
Jack Wiebers whisky's

Jon, Mark & Robbo
JMR's Easy Drinking Whiskies
Smooth sweeter one - JMR

Indiebottler M&H?

McGibbons' Provenance
McGibbons' Provenance?

Monkey Shoulder
Monkey Shoulder


Scotts Selection

Personal signatory ???????
Signatory List
Signatory bottlings
Signatory cask strength islay 5 years 58,4%¨


SMWS - Scotch Malt Whisky Society
SMWS bottlings
A Few Nasty Drams at SMWS
Does the Scotch Malt Whisky Society offer value for money?
The Single Malt Whisky Society "SMWS"
Scotch Malt Whisky Society - is it worth it ?
Scotch Malt Whisky Assoc
SMWS - questions
I'm thinking of joining SMWSA....

Whisky Galore
Whisky Galore?

Mystery Malts:
Against the grain oddbins exclusive
Ian Macleod's 'As we get it'
Ian Macleod's 'As we get it'
Ben Bracken? Tamnavulin?
Celtic heartland?
Classic of Islay (Lagavulin)
CWC Exclusive Malts range
D and M's Single Malt Connoisseurs' Club
Glen Morven - has anyone heard of this???
Glen Turner
Lismore 12 Y.O. Single Malt
Change of label on Glenrothes malts (Dealing with Lismore as well)
Lismore "The Legend" 21 yrs
Macphail's 25yr old
MacPhail 40 year old info
Milroy's Tomfarclas 35yo
Montgomerie's Single Cask Collection
What is Spyniemore?
Tesco's 12year old Islay single malt
Trader Joe's whisky
Mysterious Waitrose 23 Year Old


World Whiskies

Postby Matt2 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:38 pm

World Whiskies

Representative whisky from each world region
What's your ratio of whisky nations ?
Non-scotch singles that took me by surprise

Battle of the Canadian Club's
Question for Canadians (Crown Royal)
Canadian Whisky Tasting
Canadian Whisky
Canadian Whiskey

Irish - general:
Irish malt tasting
The grain bill of Irish Whisky
Your favorite Irish Whisky
An atypical Irish H2H
New Irish Distilleries
Irish whiskey recommendation
A question about potstill
Irish whiskey,a gift.
"New" Irish Distillery
Favorite Irish?
Irish Whiskey
Irish Whiskey Club
Introduction to Irish Whisky

Irish - specific:
Bushmills 400 Year anniversary
Bushmills takeover
Bushmills 21 Year Old rare Aged Madeira finish
Peated Bushmills
New Bushmills from Celtic Whiskey Shop
Bushmills 16
[Q]uestion: how many bottles are in one cask? (Bushmills Millenium)
Old Bushmills
Clontarf Irish Whiskey
Coleraine Whiskey
Connemara 1992 single cask
Green Spot Bicentenary Special Editions Released
Green spot ...Irish...bourbon???
Green Spot: Where to Buy in the US
Inishowen Irish Whiskey?
Which Jameson is the best buy ?
Jameson Gold
Jameson Gold???
Jameson Gold
A Question About Jameson 12 !?!
What's the % of malt in Jameson 12 year old ?
Jamesons whiskey and alternatives
Knappogue Castle 1994
Knappogue Castle 1994 Vintage Irish Whiskey
New: Micheal Collins Whiskey
Michael Collins Irish Whiskey
Michael Collins Irish Whiskey
Michael Collins Single Malt
Midleton Very Rare 40%
Midleton Very Rare 40%
Powers 2005 vs Powers 1970's
Red Breast 12
Redbreast 15
Redbreast 15yo - hard to find in UK now?
Tullamore Dew, is this something special
Cadenhead Tullamore 41 year old
Anyone tried Tullamore Dew "Heritage"
Tyrconnell 13 years old
Wild Geese - Rare Irish Whiskey

Japanese - general
Japanese Whisky
Japanese whiskey
Is there caramel coloring in Japanese Whisky?
Japanese Whisky
Japanese Single Malt Whisky
Going to Japan, any recommendations
Japanese Whiskys

Japanese - specific:
Suntory 12 year old single malt - have you tried it?
Suntory Royal anygood?
hakushu 10 (suntory)
My Yamazaki 12yo tasting notes

Welsh distilleries?

Other countries:
Doble V Selected Whisky - Hiram Walker (Spanish)
Spanish Whisky?
Wasmund's Single Malt
Breton Malt
FRYSK HYNDER Golden Spirit of Frisia

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