What's the most humorous drinking situation you escaped from

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What's the most humorous drinking situation you escaped from

Postby BDuncan » Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:55 am

Irrespective of the type of whiskey or non-whiskey you were consuming at the time, what have so far been the most humorous or weirdest drinking situations that you had to (or were glad to) escape from and what happened in the situation/s ?

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Postby Reggaeblues » Tue Oct 24, 2006 6:29 pm

God! how come noone's picked up on this thread?? whisky and humour are never far apart IMHO.

Had fun trying to figure out why an SMWS Longmorn was dubbed by them "A Rasta malt." given my chosen musical language, this was the reason it was given to me by a generous, humourous friend...the fact that it was a fab dram was incidental...anyway, the soc informs me it's on account of the taster finding marijuana on the nose.

I tried, but failed to find any. The only ganja on MY nose is in mi spliff!!

Was a guest on a Macallan whisky tasting weekend - a great gift from my lady. At the sumptuous dinner was a character who was tailor made for the event. What my gal would call "A whisky bore." Just HAD to let everyone know he was an expert...while his poor wife, who obviously wasn't in love with whisky, sat dutifully by his side as he raved on in his Germanic accent about "Aaaarrddbeg eez best deesteelery!!" and the rare Port Ellens he owns etc. He was almost a caricature, with his big jet black moustache, head of hair, and portliness. After a few drams i found it hard to keep a straight face. Having said that, there was something childlike and endearing about his enthusiasm...but boy, he sure loved you to know he was an expert! Should be in a film...

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