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New short whisky documentary film

Postby DavidTheDutchman » Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:57 pm

My name is David, I am a graduate filmmaker from The Netherlands. For my first short documentary film I turned to my passion for single malt whisky. I followed an independent whisky maker from The Netherlands in the middle of crafting his very first single malt whisky.

For this documentary I asked myself: 'What do I miss as a whisky aficionado in the documentaries I have seen?' Virtually every one goes over the creation process in a way aimed at people who know nothing about whisky. Not mine! This short doc is aimed at knowledgeable whisky lovers only. The documentary Malt in the Making is in Dutch with English subtitles and runs for 14 minutes.

You can view the trailer here:
And the entire documentary is available for free here:

On a small island off the Dutch north coast sits a simple, solitary estate. The windswept landscape faintly resembles that of Scotland. It is here that a unique single malt whisky is in the making. Guided only by his years of experience, an ambitious master distiller operates a single, small still.

However, the dozens of international whisky lovers that crowdfunded him expect a single malt whisky that is truly extraordinary. This short documentary film offers a glimpse at the creation of an unmatched single malt whisky. A snapshot of an uncertain process that is still years from completion.

Hope you folks watch it and let me know what you think!



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