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New craft distillery

Postby red_eagles_rye » Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:56 pm

Red Eagle's Spirit Company is a very small craft distillery in Henderson Nevada.We are a family company of two employees, husband and wife. We have taken our hobby and brought it to the world and we are trying to share our love for whiskey. The husband, Jeff is an employee in the casinos and the wife a stay at home mom that goes to college and is a 10 year veteran on the military.

We make only two spirit products; a 100% rye whiskey and an ageless, colorless whiskey that will premier later this year. Our whiskey is made from a frontier recipe and is made from all natural ingredients with no chemicals or additives. It is 100 proof.We are "small batch" in that we only run from a 30 gallon still. Every bottle is produced and sealed by us.

The flavor profile of our rye whiskey has been compared to a spicy Bourbon with a sweet caramel finish. Because of our subtle flavors we are able to make a higher proof whiskey but it is still very smooth and great for sipping.

We have participated on Kickstarter and crowdfunding. We didn't have any luck. Maybe you can help us.

Check us out at :

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