Finding a bottle of Caribou Crossing

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Finding a bottle of Caribou Crossing

Postby verandaguy » Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:39 am

One of my friends recently recommended that I give Caribou Crossing ( a try.

Sadly, I live in the Ottawa, Canada, area, where booze of almost any kind can't be found outside the Beer Store - which only carries beer, and the LCBO - which no longer carries it, apparently (I've just come back from a visit and was told that they're out of stock, and won't be restocking anytime soon).

The only option I can think of is a drive either to Montreal or to Quebec City, where two SAQ locations claim to have CC in stock; however neither of those locations are currently an option for me (with finals coming up, a day trip there isn't really an option).

Does anyone know of other places around Ottawa that would carry Caribou Crossing? Maybe bars that sell it by the bottle, or places that don't necessarily specialize in alcohol?


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