funny Scotland related quote

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patrick dicaprio
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funny Scotland related quote

Postby patrick dicaprio » Fri Aug 26, 2005 3:11 pm

Not sure if others will laugh like i did. This is an actual Quote (supposedly) from the Scottish Sunday Mail in an article about AIDS

"The most frightening thing about AIDS is that it can be spread by normal sex between men and women. This is rare in Scotland."


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Postby Deactivated Member » Sat Aug 27, 2005 5:16 am

Ay, but there'll be nae laughter when it gets into the sheep population.

Mr Fjeld
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Postby Mr Fjeld » Sat Aug 27, 2005 9:40 pm

:D hehe, I actually belived the sheep jokes were reserved for the welsh only......

Apparently not


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Postby Deactivated Member » Sun Aug 28, 2005 3:16 am

Why, Christian, surely you know that Scotsmen wear kilts because sheep can hear a zipper a mile away!

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Postby Deactivated Member » Wed Aug 31, 2005 2:12 pm


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