Speyside Distillery Tour

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Speyside Distillery Tour

Postby guvner67 » Fri May 30, 2014 2:23 pm

I shall be travelling to Aberlour for a few days with my father in June to visit a few distilleries and take in the lovely countryside.

We're not planning on cramming as many visits as possible into our three days but we'd like to see a few while sampling as many different whiskies as possible.

To that end, I wonder if I might indulge Whisky Mag's learned readers for some sage advice.

1. I understand the local bus company runs a special Whisky Route -- the no. 36. Does anybody know if it sops within reasonable walking distance of any distilleries, and if so, which ones?

2. We didn't want to tour all those we visit, so wondered if the distilleries have bars selling whiskies by the glass (preferably the ones I wouldn't be able to get at my hotel?)

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

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Re: Speyside Distillery Tour

Postby whiskgeek » Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:06 pm

Many distilleries give free tastes. Sometimes only with a tour. Some charge for tastes. I'm not sure if any sell drams of whisky by the glass. Many distilleries are just plain closed to the public, of course.

There are many fine establishments in the Speyside area with extensive whisky collections. There are at least two such restaurants in Craigellachie, for example.

Glenfiddich, took the tour got some tastes.
Glen Moray, tasted several.
Dalwhinnie, pay for tastes.
Speyside Cooperage, free taste of wine.
Aberfeldy had a bar area, but we didn't stay long enough to see what the deal was. Same for Strathisla's extensive and comfy tasting areas.

Outside of Speyside, free tastes available at Bruichladdich, Clynelish, Dalmore, Caol Ila.
Paid for tastes at Kilchoman.
Bowmore had a bar, but no one was there.

We visited more distilleries than that, but did not inquire as to the availability of their whiskies for tasting.

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