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Slow website

Postby Rob B » Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:46 pm

Having received a lovely email from Laphroaig about the An Cuan Mor, and as I haven't bought any new whisky for ages, I thought I would treat myself to a bottle.

A link in the email very quickly got me to what must have been the slowest website on the planet. After a bunch of "OOPS" error messages, I rang Laphroaig to be told there had been a few people with the same issue. A suggestion was made to ring another number and order over the phone. That was a bust because the folks on the second number could not help as the An Cuan Mor for FOLs was an online offer only.

Following a final half hour of attempts to get past the error messages, I gave up.

I tip my hat to the stalwart folk who persevered and are now expecting one of the 615 bottles in the post. Enjoy!!

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