Whiskyflection is now in the iTunes App Store.

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Whiskyflection is now in the iTunes App Store.

Postby chanson78 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:00 pm

First of all I hope that this is not outside the realm of the posting rules. I figured that since it might be a useful tool, some folks may be interested.

The description on the store is below.

Whiskyflection is the perfect tool for whisky drinkers who want to remember every drink. One purchase gets both iPad and iPhone!

WhiskyFlection helps you keep track of your drinks with an intuitive and clean interface, assisting you in writing your reviews with a standardized form, so that you can concentrate only on your sensations. You can share your thoughts with Reddit, Twitter, Foursquare, Imgur and over email.

- Follows a standard review format
- Post to /r/scotch /r/bourbon /r/whiskeyreviews on Reddit
- Save images to Imgur
- Tweet when you have tried a new drink
- Use Foursquare to get the location where you are drinking for your review
- Email your past review thoughts to anyone
- Store your reviews on the Whiskyflection servers

I also set up a site at http://www.whiskyflection.com that I am using as a repository for the reviews that people save to build up a database for in the future when I implement the Amazon "So and so also likes The Balvenie 12 Year Portwood, they have also reviewed the Oban 12 favorably." functionality that a lot of people seem interested in.

Right now when you buy the app you get the iPad and iPhone version of the application. I am working to utilize the site above to eventually allow you to sync amongst all your devices connected through one http://www.whiskyflection.com account. That is a future feature. So too is the current inventory feature that alot of folks seem interested in.

Anyways, just wanted to throw out an update. I hope you guys enjoy using it. I am off to sleep, its been non-stop for about 8 weeks in the evenings after regular work and I need a break! :)

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