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Postby Dennis.Kapura » Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:11 pm

I would like to tell you a story, how I have been fooled for almost €400 by a Dutch online-store /
You can check an Euronews story about it here : ... you-owe-me

Here's the timeline with all the confirmations :

21.01.2012 I have ordered 5 bottles of whisky. Total amount €371.38
24.01.2012 PatsWineWhisky informed me, that 2 out of 5 bottles are out of stock. €371.38 were already paid by that time.
29.01.2012 I have made a new order of 5 bottles, but for a smaller amount - €276.85. I have kindly asked to return me the difference of €94.53, but after that PatsWineWhisky started to ignore all my mails.
22.02.2012 I went public and asked PatsWineWhisky in his twitter, why my order still haven't been shipped. ( )
03.03.2012 PatsWineWhisky has finally answered me in twitter, that the parcel has been sent out. And from this time on, I haven't heard anything from PatsWineWhisky at all. He stopped answering me even in Twitter.
04.03.2012 I have asked PatsWineWhisky in Twitter, why the parcel with 5 bottles has a weight of only 3kg and when will the money for unsent bottles be refunded.
06.03.2012 The parcel, that looked not bigger, than 2 bottles has been delivered by the courier. I haven't opened it and refused to accept it.The parcel has been sent back to sender.
06.03.2012 I have informed PatsWineWhisky about the return of the parcel on the very same day by e-mail and in Twitter.

So, after ignoring this situation for 9 months, PatsWineWhisky has finally replied to a third person ( ) on 21.11.2012, who called him a thief in twitter. PatsWineWhisky claims that he does not owe for me anything, as he didn't know, that the parcel was sent back and moreover, he does not owe anyone anything as the parcel is most likely destroyed by post. He doesn't want to hear anything about the difference of €94.53 between the two orders, he also can't explain how 5 bottles were packed the way, they fit and weight as the 2 bottles box.

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