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A whisky forum for New Zealand

Postby alectron » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:06 am

I recently put a local whisky forum for New Zealand online, due to there being heaps of keen & knowledgeable people about when it comes to whisky as the regular tastings in all of the bigger cities show, but there is nothing in terms of an online platform to chat, swap & share, which I thought is a pity...
Anyhow, if you are from New Zealand and want to share some bottles & samples locally, have a look & join in if you feel like it ( at the moment there's a bottle share thread for Shackleton's & Spirit Of Unity in the making which still has some shares left - most areas however, like the sample swap/sell & bottle share areas are visible to members only):

Cheers for your ears & Slainte.

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