One way of carting your malt around.

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One way of carting your malt around.

Postby Swedish Chef » Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:03 pm

They tell us cars and alcohol don't mix and neither do firearms and alcohol. But put them all together and it's not only OK, but you can charge people £120,894 for it. That price includes a one year "Self-replenishing drinks cabinet featuring Pol Roger champagne, The Balvenie single malt whisky, Hendrick's small-batch gin, Ivan the Terrible luxury vodka and Willow Spring Water from the Lake District." and a couple of Holland&Holland side-by-side shotguns with stocks matching the wood veneers for your dashboard, consoles and door inserts.

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If you like Balvenie enough the car might pay for itself. :P

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