Purchasing a barrel

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Purchasing a barrel

Postby whiskylover1960 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:44 pm

I joined to see if I could find some information about distilleries which sell barrels of whisky. I'm looking for a special present for my husband. Is a barrel a practical Christmas present for a whisky enthusiast? Does anyone know whether any distilleries sell vouchers that would enable the recipient to choose the type of whisky. I've seen different prices for barrels. If a full size barrel is too expensive, l would consider, if available buying a small attractive looking barrel full of whisky. Would it be practical to keep it in a warm office or would it evaporate. Does anyone keep whisky in a barrel with a tap on it in their garage? Is there any way of knowing what is a fair price to pay. I've looked at a site, http://www.whiskybroker.co.uk that sells barrels but the prices seem to vary greatly in price. Any comments about this type of present would be welcomed.

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